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How to manage the finance function and lender relationships

Look at any business around today. Whether they have been in business for years or if they are just starting there is some type of finance function and lender relationship. All businesses should know or learn how to manage the finance function and lender relationships to help build and grow that particular business.

The finance function of any business is perhaps one of the most crucial areas for that business. Properly managing the finance function enables the business to grow competitively and provide assurance to any investors or shareholders. A properly managed finance function can give you a better lender relationship. The lender relationship of any business is important because they are the people that a business or company will go to when more money is needed for any particular reason.

How to manage the finance function and lender relationships of any business or company goes hand in hand. Poorly managed finance functions of any business or company will lead you to poor lender relationships. You and your business or company will be less likely to get any new credit or other types of funding for any projects that your business or company needs. Here are a few tips on how you can better manage the finance function of your business to improve any lender relationships you have or may have in the future.

The first step in managing the finance function of your business is to keep detailed records of all your accounts. The more detail you have in your books the easier it is to keep track of all your money. You will know where your money comes from and where your money goes. Keeping track of all expenditures will help you in lender relationships because it is easier for you to show or even explain where your business is financially. Detailed records of all your accounts will make it easier for you to obtain credit for you business through lender relationships.

You can manage the finance function and lender relationships by not only keeping good records but also by knowing what your company or business needs and wants financially. Knowing these financial goals will help your lender get you the best loans and rates available to you and your business or company. The lender relationship can be made easier when you both have the same goals in mind. The lender will be better able to work for you when he knows what your business or company's financial goals are.

Another step in how to manage the finance function and lender relationships is to stay in good relations with any lenders your company or business may have. Whenever you and your company have a good relationship with any of your lenders it is easier for you to rely on your lenders through all the normal business cycles no matter if the current cycle is a positive cycle or a negative cycle. As a way to manage your finance function you should go out of your way to let the lenders know that they are important to you and your business so that you keep a good lender relationship.

Managing your finance function and your lender relationships is good for both companies. Both the company and the lender understand that they are strategic partners in any business deal. The company and the lender realize that they need each other and that both can benefit financially from a long-term partnership. In order to manage the finance function and the lender relationships you will need to keep both sides happy to continue complimenting eachother.

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