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How to secure financing for your small business

How to secure financing for your small business is a crucial point to succeeding. There is a variety of ways this can happen. This all depends of course on your credit and how established your business is. Raising capital is hard to come by, especially if:you don't have a good business idea or business plan that will make investors come to you in hopes of making some kind of gain, or you may have a good business idea, but you do not know who to turn to for help. Finding the right sources to turn to for financing can make or break your business.

First, start contacting and talk to people, and make appointments to discuss your plans with the people who have money to invest.When you're looking for money, it's very important that you let as many potential investors know as possible.

What specific ways can I finance my small business?

Personal or family/friend funds
Personal or family/friend funds are the easiest ways to financing. Having money set aside is faster and easier than trying to find investors. Plus, family and friends believe in you most and they want to see you succeed. Borrowing from them is usually the fastest source especially when borrowing smaller amounts. Family and friends are also more patient than lenders if it takes your business a little longer than expected to get off the ground and running. Remember to always draw up a formal agreement between you and them ensuring that no negative strain is put on the relationship. Still view them as your business associates and pay them back in a time-like manner.

Venture investors:

These are professional investors that are in charge of a large pool of capital. They invest in new or speculative businesses without a track record, with the potential for a lot of growth and returns in a short amount of time. They usually expect equity or part ownership of a business in exchange for returns.

Angel investors:
These are people who look for new businesses to invest in, in return for ownership. They generally are interested in making more on capital than what they can make from mutual funds or stocks. Angel investors are typically less demanding than the Venture investors.

Equity financing:
You can also raise cash by selling part of your business. The equity is the value of your company minus what you owe. When you sell part of it you give up part of the control over your company. This can also be a partnership, where the person buys a share of the company and becomes a partner.

Small business investment companies:
SBIC's are privately owned and managed investment firms. With their own capital and with funds borrowed by the government, they provide capital to small independent businesses. These companies full purpose is lending money to small businesses they feel have a good chance of making money.

Business plan competition
In this, you present your business plan in front of a panel of judges and they determine who the winner is. You may receive a substantial amount of money, but that depends on the particular contest.

Getting loans from the bank is a great way to fund your small business. In order to obtain a loan, you will need to make sure you have a clean credit history or substantial assets. Adequate documentation that demonstrates your projected cash flow is important because it will show that you can repay the loan, on time, with interest. You can also borrow small amounts of money from local banks for up to three years.An unsecured loan requires only your signature. You will be required to pledge some assets, such as stock, or to have someone guarantee the loan.The bank can also provide you with a credit line that allows you to draw funds against a given total.

One of the easiest ways of raising money is by advertising in a newspaper. Your ad needs to state the amount of money you want. Always state more money than you need, so you save some room for negotiating.Your ad should say what kind of business it is, and the kind of return you can promise on the investment.

How to secure financing for your small business is extremely important. Don't hurry this decision, you will have to deal with you're your decision for quite a long time! Remember to investigate a number of financial options before you decide. Be sure to list the positive and negative aspects of each possible choice. Fully research your options and make sure you will make the best possible choice for the success of your company.

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