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How to survive a down economy

overworkedwoman23649135.jpgA down economy can be fatal to a small business.Many times a small business is operating on a slim budget to begin with, and additional losses may be too much for the company to handle.Nevertheless, small businesses do not need to resign themselves to bankruptcy.There are several actions that can be taken to help a small business survive a down economy.

Make Cuts

One obvious option is to analyze expenditures and make some cuts.For small businesses, this may take some serious analysis because it is likely the company is already running on a skeleton budget.Some areas to consider may be fringe benefits, company parties, meals, etc.While cutting all of these things altogether may be unwise strategically, cutting some of them or parts of them will help save the company money.For example, a company could hold birthday celebrations for groups of employees instead of each individual employee, or offer meals as incentives for reaching certain goals instead of as a regular occurrence.


Reevaluating company methods is another way to save money.Sometimes the methods used during an up economy, may be too costly during a down economy.Businesses should look at each section of their business methods to see if there are any excess parts.Streamlining production or services can help improve efficiency in a company.Efficiency will cost the company less money and help cushion the hit from a down economy.

For example, many managers and directors have employees that do most of their work for them.By cutting out these lower employees and letting the managers and directors earn their paychecks is a great way to save money for the company without losing any efficiency.


Marketing is an essential part of any business.At the same time, companies often use marketing methods or avenues that do not produce customers or increases in sales.Small businesses should take the time to look at what they are spending on specific marketing opportunities, and decide if that opportunity is creating a return on their investment.Pulling a few less effective marketing campaigns while the economy is down will save the company money without hurting its ability to get new customers.When the economy recovers, the business can then expand its marketing campaign.

Go Green

Some green methods do not actually save a company money, but others can be very effective ways to cut down on costs.For businesses that are very paper heavy, switching to a digital format can help cut down on costs.A small businesses should be able to set up a simple network and server and save all of their files to it without too much cost.Then, they will save money on paper and garbage removal in return.They will also be able to use the switch to advertise how they are doing their part to save the environment.This may attract new customers.

A down economy is a terrible predicament for many small businesses.Figuring out how to cut back may be difficult since small businesses may be running on a skeleton budget as it is.Small businesses should first look at making cuts, reevaluating methods, more efficiently marketing, and going green are all ways a small business can cut back on costs without losing too much.In the long run, the cuts will get the company through to better times in the future.

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