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It's all about the money where will you get your financing?

Small businesses are really all about having enough money to actually run your small business.That's why many small business owners find themselves constantly wondering where they will get their money. There are actually a number of options available to help you fund your small business.

Generally speaking, there are a few different ways that you can approach financing your business.They are as follows:
1.Personal financing.
2.Friends and family financing.
3.Commercial financing.
4.Angel investors
5.Venture capitalists
6.Business to business financing

1.Personal financing
When it comes to your own business, personal financing is a way to finance that many people don't believe that they have the resources to do.However, that is not necessarily true.You can finance your own business either through assets that you already have, a savings account that has been waiting for just this time, or by going into personal debt.
Many people finance their business initially through the use of credit cards.Then you can apply your house's equity, along with your retirement account, and your insurance policies.Aren't prepared to go quite this far?Sit down and determine exactly how much risk you are willing to take on.Think seriously about your financial and familial situation.How much other responsibility do you have?
2.Friends and family financing.
Many entrepreneurs find that their friends and their family are willing to help them out with financing a business venture.This might be an avenue for you to pursue.
3.Commercial financing.
Commercial financing refers to a commercial institution, such as a bank or another commercial lender (GE commercial financing is a good example) lending money to finance a business venture.Most commercial banks offer small business financing options.However, going into debt to a commercial institution is not absolutely necessary.
The Small Business Association also offers commercial financing options.Either the Small Business Association will act as the lender itself, or it will arrange to insure the loan that another lender makes to you.The Small Business Association, along with many other regional and state business association, also offers financing grants.
No matter which approach you decide to take to financing your business, you need to start with an actual financial plan.Once again, the SBA offers templates and directions on their website to help you come up with an idea of what your finances are and what they need to be. You will need to collect the following information to adequately understand where you are, where you want to be, and what you need to get there.
Business profile.
Loan request.
Business financial statements.
Personal financial statements for all owners, partners, officers, and stockholders who own more than 20% of the business.
The strength of your financial statements will help determine what kind of loan you will qualify for and the terms of that loan.You need to have a concrete plan in place before you seek funding from any source, whether it is commercial or if it is a governmental source.Come up with a precise plan for marketing your product, come up with financial statements, and be as precise as possible.All commercial lenders will require this information, and it will help you out also as you understand how your business is going to work and what you can expect in terms of investment and profit.
You also will want to consider forming strategic partnerships with other people who can bring both collateral and business smarts to your enterprise.Also look for niches that you can fill in particular industries, so that you won't have as much competition.

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