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Learning to sell yourself to boost your business

mencommunicating19220419.jpgAs a small business owner, one of the inside secrets you should have mastered by now is learning how to sell yourself. Since the business is essentially your idea, each time you head out into the marketing world, you are giving a little bit of yourself to the public and asking them to accept you. It can be hard to sell yourself because rejection will occur and this can destroy a person's confidence. Here is the big trick to selling yourself; you are the number one customer.

So what exactly do we mean by that statement? Well for starters, the business was your idea. You at one point were a customer, you saw a need and you found a way to fill that need. This makes the business essentially you. When you went to lenders with your business plan, what did you take with you that helped to convince lenders to take a chance on your idea? Confidence. That is the biggest trick to being a good salesman. If you don't believe in what you are selling, why would anyone else believe in it? When you are confident in your ability to sell the products and the business, people will come to you. Without confidence, you are decreasing your selling pool and you will make it much harder on yourself and your business to find ways to become successful.

Part of selling yourself and your business comes down to convincing others to believe in your product. Take a look at some of the things you are willing to pay full price for and some of the things that you believe are worth less than a salesman is asking for. When you want a discount, it basically means you are not confident about the product you are buying and therefore the salesman didn't do a good job explaining the product and why it is worth the price he/she is asking for.

Knowing the product inside and out will help you as you approach your target audience. Put yourself in your customers shoes and come up with a few questions you might have about the product so you can quickly answer their concerns before they can even ask them. If you answer everything and leave them speechless, you have done a great job of convincing them about the product and why it deserves the price you have set.

Here is a simple rule when it comes to selling, always be able to list 5 benefits their customer can expect when purchasing this product. The benefits will change for every customer so it is important for you to use the product and come up with as many benefits as you can think of for every situation.

Always be organized as this is one of the best ways to sell your products. When you are talking with people, you don't want to look frazzled and scraping to show them something, keep a folder or a briefcase full of all the things you need and show them to the customer. Always give them something to leave with so they can see that they need your product and they have a way to contact you. Your goal is to make such a good impression that they will call you in a few hours or the next day if they don't buy the product then. You also want to leave them with just enough information to re-irradiate some of the points you have talked about with the person.

Being confident in your ability to sell the product and being organized will go a long way in selling products and meeting your monthly sales quota.

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