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Need start up capital?Where to get it

The only way a business can be started is if the potential owner can find the money to front the start up costs.This can be a very difficult task for some potential business owners, while others may have the money already stashed away.No matter where the money is coming from, potential business owners need to create an in-depth business plan.Without this plan, it will be very difficult to attract start up capital.Once the business plan is created, potential business owners should know that there are many different ways to gain start up capital.Here are a few:

Bank Loans

One of the most well-known options for getting start up capital for a business is getting a bank loan.Many different types of banks will offer many different types of small business loans.Potential business owners should do their research.Companies may decide to go with a local or community bank.These banks are usually in less of a position to bargain and demand high interest or collateral.Some say this is the best option as far as bank loans go when it comes to getting a loan for starting a new business.

Asset-Backed Borrowing

Asset-backed borrowing is when a potential business owner places a significant asset of theirs down as collateral.This means that if they do not pay their loan payments, then the lender has the right to take over the business owner's asset.Many times the asset used as collateral is a piece of property or a home.No matter what the asset is, potential business owners should be aware of the risks involved with this type of borrowing in order to prevent huge losses.

Third-Party Loan Guarantees

Some potential business owners who do not have a family member with the proper credit or who do not have the proper credit themselves to secure a loan may pay someone with good credit to co-sign their loan.Generally, because the co-signer's credit is attached to the loan, the co-signer will require a very thorough business plan and must have faith in the potential business owner.While this option may not be the best for everyone, it is a way for an eager potential business owner to get started.

Family and Friends

Family and friends often invest in the business ideas of their immediate family or friends.Unless a potential business owner has family or friends with lots of money to invest, they may need to go to other sources as well.But, family and friends can be a good place to start when looking for start up capital.This is also a way to keep other types of loans to a minimum.

Community Small Business Advisors

Many communities that are trying to boost their economy or that host a large university may have community small business advising for free.These groups will offer small business classes on marketing, accounting, and business plan writing that can help potential business owners prepare for owning their own business.Often, community small business centers will have lists of people or banks looking to invest in quality business plans.Potential business owners should take advantage of these community resources in order to find start up capital for their business.

Start up capital can be found in many different places.Potential business owners should consider a wide variety of options when considering loan options.This will help them find the best investor for their company.

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