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Selling when no one is buying

folder30394905.jpgMaking your monthly sales quota can be challenging, especially during a time when no one is buying. When you are trapped in the middle of a sales crisis during a time when your customers want to save instead of spend, all hope is not lost and there are a few simple tricks you can do.

Tip # 1 - Learn from the past
Take a look at how you have been able to overcome hard times in the past? What has worked for you in the past may be able to pull you through tough times. How many times have you tried new marketing campaigns where you were able to find new customers that helped to boost your business? While it is important to market to your current customers because they make up 80% of your sales, don't completely neglect marketing to new customers. Finding one great customer with deep pockets may be able to help you hit your sales quota for the next few months if you learn how to play your cards right.

Tip # 2 - Be active
If you just sit back and wait for a miracle to happen, you could be waiting around for a long time. You need to get active and get out there to make something happen. Start looking for new and innovative ways to market your business. While you may not like standing on a corner with a big sign, it's a simple way to advertise and possibly generate some needed leads. Constantly be on the look out for new ways to reach your customers instead of waiting for them to find you. When times are tough, your marketing and advertising budgets are the two things you want to avoid touching because they are the only way you will generate interest in the company and build a solid customer base.

Tip # 3 - Set weekly goals
While most salesmen focus on a monthly or quarterly goal, start setting weekly or daily goals for yourself. You need to break down that hard goal so you can find ways to achieve it through smaller steps. While you are working on selling, write down how many prospects you talked to, how many real conversations you had, and how many real sales happened from those conversations. Quite often you are laying the groundwork to come back a week or two later and make the big pitch to land the sale. Following up with customers you have already spoken to is a big part of meeting those weekly goals you set for yourself.

Tip # 4 - Stay positive
Some customers just aren't going to buy and instead of wasting your time, try sending them over to some of your other salesmen to try and land the sale. In the meantime you need to stay positive and don't let all that hard work go to waste. Keep working with other clients and try to convince them to buy your products. Staying positive will help you stay motivated about your goals and things won't look quite as bad as you may think.

Tip # 5 - Brainstorm
Convincing people to spend money isn't easy and if you have run out of ideas, hold a brainstorming meeting with some of your co-workers. This is a great way to see if you can try out a strategy that may be working for some of your co-workers and to give them a few pointers on the things that you have tried. You are all working toward accomplishing the same goal so it's important to be supportive of one another and to help each other find ways to reach that goal.

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