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Showing Respect To Others

As you are working on making your company into a place that is fun to work for and one that people appreciate working for you need to respect them. It is important that you have a high level of employee respect for them for them to be able to enjoy working there. Employee respect comes down to a number of things from the way that you interact with them and the way that you are talking to them.

Small business owners know how hard it is to work with difficult personalities and when you have a small business, you all need to rely on each other all the time and to focus your efforts on showing respect to one another. Since you all work in close quarters, it is not hard to see people butt heads from time to time.

Do you take the time to listen to your employees? Do you show them that you care about their needs and their opinions? When you can invest your money into the employees and to show them that you are focused on helping people to feel secure with the company and that you care about them, it allows people to feel respected.

A simple way to show respect to your employees is by showing them that you care about them by complimenting them. You need to make sure that you are taking the time to compliment them and to thank them for their hard work. When you do this, it helps people to feel respected and it allows them to feel appreciated.

Reward your employees for the hard work that they have done. Make sure that your employees are able to see that they are giving you the right type of work for the types of rewards that you are providing to them.Ask the employees what type of rewards or incentives they would like to receive.When they tell you what they want, it makes it easier to get the right type of rewards that will push them to work harder and will help you to maintain a higher level of productivity within the organization. Happier employees are easier to manage and they are typically satisfied in their jobs.

Create a working environment that is positive and one that people want to enjoy coming to each day. Start out with the compliments and then focus on following up with each employee on their job and how they are feeling about their work and what you can do to make it better for them. Sit down and create some goals for each employee to follow. When you set goals, it helps both parties to see how you can work together to create a better future for the company and the employee.

Train your managers effectively and ensure that they are not acting like authority figures drunk with power! This is often one of the biggest complaints in small businesses as you have middle managers that really try to dominate the other employees and feel that they need to show off their "power" to them all the time. While they are in charge of supervising the staff, they are there to guide and support them, not to dominate them and belittle them. Make sure you are training them properly so that you don't run into problems like this that can become deflating to the rest of your staff.

Respect starts at the top and works its way down. If you are setting the proper example to the rest of your staff, it will be much easier for all of them to follow it and to treat one another in the right way.

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