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Stopping stress in the workplace

When you work in the small business world, stress is inevitable. It is really frustrating for most people to deal with but when you are working in the small business world you know that you are really forced to take on a lot of different hats and this will lead to high amounts of stress. You need to be able to manage your stress and to help your employees learn how to manage their stress as well in order to cope and to actually have a chance at being productive with the company. Here are some ways you can stop stress in the workplace.

Get everyone organized!
You need to take time to meet with your entire staff and to make sure they are cleaning up their work areas and that everyone is really doing their part to make the company work as a well oiled machine. You need to get everyone organization and to make sure that everyone is able to get their work done. Consider implanting a new system if it seems like people always need to get up and down to find things to do their job effectively. Having a system in place is the best way for you to be able to become productive and to really reduce unnecessary stress. For yourself, create a list to follow and make sure that you remain organized. You need a daily list to help keep yourself on point and to really make sure assignments are getting done. Schedule in some time for breaks as well in order to keep everyone organized.

Schedule Breaks
Hard working employees can often forget to take care of themselves and they may not be the best at taking breaks. As the manager of a small business you need to keep an eye on your staff and really encourage them to take breaks. A short 15 minute break is a great way to recharge and to really release a lot of stress. Encourage employees to go outside and walk around for a few minutes and just enjoy the sunlight. Short naps are even beneficial for employees as well! Some people report taking 10 minute catnaps in their car before returning to work from lunch or in the middle of the day to get some extra energy and just to breathe out some stress.

This is one of the best ways to get rid of stress! You should encourage everyone in the workplace to exercise daily as it does help them to become healthier but to cope with stress much easier. They will find that stress is much more manageable when they exercise. To help your employees exercise include an on-site exercise room for them to use or give them extra time in the day to exercise. When your employees have access to equipment and they are able to actually devote time to exercise it will be easy for them to accomplish this goal each day. You need to plan on spending at least 30 minutes a day toward exercise. If you start getting stressed, go for a walk or hit the gym as it really will make you feel much better.

Eat Right
Employees can turn to soda and candy when they get stressed and it doesn't do anything to help them. You should encourage your employees to eat right by doing it yourself. It also helps to remove the candy and soda and replace it with healthier snacks. This way your employees will fill up on fresh fruit and water versus soda and other sugary snacks that do not sustain energy.

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