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The link between controlling your finances and staying in business

One of the important keys to making a small business work is finding a balance between managing finances and staying in business.A lot of small businesses will run into some tight financial times at one point or another.Most of the hardest financial times for a small business are right at the beginning when the business is starting to take off.When the times are getting tight, it is especially important that you keep your finances in good shape.Here is a little bit of information on the link between controlling your finances and staying in business:

- Work more than you spend:Although this is actually a hard rule to measure, you can kind of get the idea of what is meant.You need to be consistently working to make sure that you will have the earnings you need to keep your business going.One of the hardest things for a lot of small business owners is to consistently keep working. When you are your own boss, it can be easy to get distracted and do things that take you away from your work.You really can't let this happen if you want to stay in business!Make sure that you are working hours and making more money than you are spending on your business.You need to make a good profit (and also put some money aside for a rainy day) if you really want your business to STAY in business!

- Create a realistic budget:One of the best things that you can do to control your finances and stay in business is to create a realistic budget.A "realistic" budget means that you have to make realistic profit projections (based on current trends, data, and the time you spend working).It also means that you need to be realistic when considering your competitors and the way that you are winning or losing your battle against them.Make sure that you have a budget that can continually be modified and changed, and it should be a budget that spans over a couple of years (you will want to plan budgets at least a year in advance).After making your budget - stick with it!Don't spend money wastefully, but make sure that everything is accounted for.If you are wise in the way that you deal with your money, it is more likely that you will be able to stay in business.
- Choose your small business loan wisely:Never feel like you are forced to take a small business loan that really doesn't work out well for you and your financial situation.Remember, there probably is a better option out there somewhere else!You are in total control of what kind of small business loan you sign for.The important thing is to control your finances by choosing a small business loan that you can handle.Make sure that you can make the payments for the loan on time, and also make sure that you can account for the small business loan in your business budget.This way, interest will never get out of hand for you, and you will always make your payments.As long as you choose and control your small business loan wisely, you will be in good shape to stay in business!

These are a couple of ways that you can help to control your finances and stay in business.As long as you spend and control your money well, you will be in good shape to make your business a success!Good luck with your small business endeavors, and hopefully your business will STAY in business for a very long time!

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