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Various communication skills you need to succeed

Are you ready to make your small business a success? You need to learn some very basic skills that will make you a better manager and will allow you to run a better business. Communication is the vital tool you have to learn in order to make your business work successfully. How does communication impact so many things? Without proper communication, everyone is confused. They may know who the manager is but there is no clear sense of direction, which leads to a lot of frustration and confusion. The thing that a lot of people do not realize is that communication isn't just about talking, its about listening and reacting as well.

Listen to your employees
Bring in your employees for evaluations and regular meetings. Talk to them and get their opinion about the company and how you are doing as a manager. They need to see that you are listening to them and you can do this by turning off all the distractions around you and give your employee your complete eye contact. As they say things, ask questions and restate a couple concerns that they have brought up. This is a very easy way to show them that you are listening to them and you do care about them and their needs. After your conversation, write down some notes so you can ponder on them and then bring it up next time you are meeting.

Public Speaking
As the manager, you need to be able to speak in public settings. You will be the face of the company and you have got to get over any fear or concern that you have and start working on proper public speaking. Your staff is going to look to you as well so your shaking legs and nervousness need to suddenly disappear as you step into this critical role for the company. Whether you are giving a speech in the office or in front of a large group, you need to be able to develop your skills and become a strong public speaker and gain that strong reputation you need.

Excellent Writing
Communication is also written in addition to oral. Excellent writing skills are needed for press releases and other things that will generate the right response you need. Writing quality emails is one option you want to have available as the manager since you will handle the sales and general correspondence with your customers. You are also the go-to person for your staff as you create schedules and reports of the tasks that they need to do. Writing skills need to be not only formal but also precise.

The power of Negotiation

In addition in having great writing skills and speaking skills, you need to be able to negotiate. Negotiation is needed for managers since you are going to work on getting prices lowered and bringing in new customers. Negotiation skills will help you with phone calls as you are trying to acquire new customers and to also work on relationships with your employees that may not be on site. Like problem solving being able to negotiate is one of the most important skills a manager needs to run a business.

Body Language
Communication is about body language. When people are talking with you do you look at them with confused looks and things that can be miss-perceived? Practice listening to others with your family and have them evaluate your body language skills so you don't send out the wrong message. Remember to let others finish talking before you respond to the things that they are saying. Interruptions are rude and people will judge you immediately if you keep interrupting them.

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