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Best phones for multi-purpose use

If you are interested in keeping up with technology then you have probably heard of the fact that there are now phones available out there that can be used for more then one purpose, basically multi-purpose phones. Most of the time these newer phones are referred to as smart phones or the iPhone, but to be honest the iPhone is just another smart phone. And if you pay any attention to the news or any other kind of media, including television commercials you are already aware of the fact that there are numerous smart phones available for you to purchase, including the iPhone. But something that you need to be aware of is that the smart phones are able to be purchased and used with almost any wireless phone provider, even though the company that makes the smart phones is usually the same for each wireless provider. But with the iPhone there is only one company that creates it, Apple, and there is only one wireless company that will provide service for the iPhone, which is AT&T.

So now that you know that the best phones for multi-purpose use are the smart phones and the iPhone you should take a closer look at what they have to offer. Basically to see why these phones are the best phones for multi-purpose use, whether you are buying them for personal or business use.

Here is a look at the iPhone:
- For those of you who are not that familiar with the iPhone, the iPhone is a multimedia and internet based cellular telephone. But regardless of what the iPhone has to offer it is still missing some key features. Here are some of the features that the phone is missing: voice dialing, voice recording, instant messaging, memory card slot, common Bluetooth file transfer, GPS capability, native games, support for MP3 files like ringtones, copy and paste, MMS, tethering, and A2DP. Which all of these other features are available with other devices, such as smart phones

Here is a look at the smart phones:
- For those of you who do not know what smart phones are is a brief description of a smart phone. A smart phone is basically a full featured cellular phone that can also function as a personal computer. What this means is that they offer full email programs, but the most important feature that they have to offer is that the applications for enhanced data processing and connectivity can be installed on the device rather than only being able to support sandboxed applications. In order to be considered a smart phone the phone must also offer a touch screen, an operating system, and a tethered modem in addition to the cellular phone features like text messaging and voicemail.

Now that we know a little bit about each of these types of phones you are probably wondering who provides the best phones for you to use. The problem is that there is no easy answer to that question because each manufacturer makes a really good phone that is great for multi-purpose use and what phone is the best for you might not be the best for somebody else. Therefore we can not tell you what the best phones for multi-purpose use is because people are going to choose the phone that is best for them based on the features that the phone has to offer, basically they are going to choose the best phone for them by what features they need and who provides those features.

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