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Can I access VoIP through my cell phone?

New technology is starting to work with the VoIP communication systems and cell phones. This is still a very young process, but the steps are taking place.

There has been beta testing that is currently taking place that will bring some of the major forms of VoIP services to the cell phone communication systems. The VoIP communication works with a cell phone that has an Internet connectivity capability.

With the abilities for WIFI and the changes coming into play with VoIP technology the cell phone market saw a major change over the last year.

In the process of the current integration of the VoIP and Mobile VoIP, it was just a matter of time before you would be able to access VoIP through your cell phones.

The challenge for the mobile operator industry is to deliver the benefits and innovations of IP without losing control of the network service. Users like the Internet to be free and high speed without extra charges for visiting specific sites versus other sites.

In 2006 there was a growth in the business end of mobile VoIP and also a small amount of movement on the residential end of cell phones and VoIP services. This growth is expected to be exponential as soon as there is more of the support put into place over the next few years.

Motorolla, and Sony are already announcing their up coming plans to support VoIP in the future.

There are current ISPs that are working to develops a wifi mesh network of HD freeboxes to be used to provide mobile telephony and compete with traditional cellular operators.

There was an amazing unveiling at the World Congress in Barcelona of the Nokia 6136 UMA device. This device will switch easily between GSM or Global systems for mobile communications and WLAN access networks. Therefore, this will make the calling available via the Internet.

The Unlicensed mobile access service technologies will allow the operators to deliver voice and data through a WLAN access network.

There has been some concern in the cell phone market that with the integration of the cell phones and the VoIP services that there would be a loss in the cell phone market. This does have its concerns for investors. However, there is really no way to stop technology or the consumer's benefits of having a product that can do multiple tasks.

The biggest delay on the use of VoIP and cell phones is going to be the telecom network operators which do not offer any attractive flat free wireless broadband package for enjoying VoIP calls and most of them levy a significant amount of charges per MB download sent to a cell phone. Besides this, a number of telecom networks still do not permit Skype or other VoIP services like Skype.

So in conclusion the process of the VoIP access through a cell phone is not an impossible dream, however a situation may take some time. There are financial reasons that this may be a slow process for some of the larger companies to take hold of. However, there is steps that are being taken, even if they are just baby technological steps.

Giving the time and the effort out there is the companies that are already starting to see the increase in the use of cell phones and WIFI VoIP communications. Technology cannot be stopped, though it can be slowed down. Keep your eyes open, because the use for the cell phone and VoIP could be right around the corner.

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