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Comparing cellular phone service providers for your business plan

It is hard to know what phone service plan will be best for your business.It is also time consuming to take the time to compare all of them.Many business owners don't have time to spare, but they also don't have the money to spare on paying too much with the wrong provider.

Save yourself some time, here are the business plans for the most popular cell phone service providers.Listed are the smallest, as well as the largest plans offered by each company and other regular charges.

Research determined that AT&T and Alltel wireless did not offer business plans.They had family plans, but they were not considered for businesses.All of the companies also had many individual plans that may work in some situations.

- Sprint and Nextel (they work together) offer voice plans and walkie-talkie plans.They start at one line and go up to five lines.Each line after the first one is $25 per month.They have a special feature that nights start at 7 pm, all other plans have nights starting at 9 pm.Nights and weekends are free, the smallest business is 400 minutes for $39.99 and the largest is 4000 minutes for $199.99 with a large variety in between.
- Tmobile offers a business plan that gives you two to five lines.Each line starting with the third is an additional $9.99 per month.They also offer free nights and weekends to their business customers.Their small business plans start at 1000 minutes for $69.99 and range up to 4500 minutes for $199.99.They also offer National business plans that start at 300 minutes for $29.99 and go up to 5000 minutes for $129.99.The National plans don't offer quite as many features.
- Verizon wireless offers business plans that require a minimum of five lines.For their voice calling plans they have free nights and weekends as well.The smallest plan they offer is 450 minutes for $39.99 and their largest is 4000 minutes for $149.99.
- Qwest Cellular service offers the biggest range of business plans for any size business.Keep in mind that every phone other than the first on is $14.99 per month.The smallest Qwest plan is 3500 minutes, with a maximum of 10 phones, for $209.99.They have a HUGE range of phone plans, and their largest is 120,000 minutes, having a maximum of 250 phones, for $5,999.99.

How many employees you have and the things your phones will be used for will make a difference in your choice of plans.It is a good idea to offer company phones to those you are always calling at home, this way they can't escape you!

There are also special offers that will come and go with these providers.If you watch you may find an even better deal.You may be able to find discounted monthly services or free cell phones.It may be a great deal if you can get free phones for all of the people on your plan.

Another thought for the boss man is a smart phone.It may be a good idea to pay a little bit to upgrade your phone.This will give you email access and day planners on your phone.This may eliminate a lot of your stress.Although, sometimes if your phone offers internet access it may cost a little bit extra.

Don't forget all of those surcharges, taxes and fees that are included.They may surprise you at first, but they are part of every plan.Just make sure to keep that in your budget.

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