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Desktop versus laptops

Desktop versus laptop, what is the difference? Wow, that is a loaded question. The reason is that there is a huge difference in between a desktop and a laptop. However, they are also very similar in many other aspects. So we will start with a description of each of these awesome computer types, and then go into the benefits of each.

Laptop Computer

Laptop computers are also known as notebook computers. This name designation really comes from two different things. One is the manufacturer, two is the fact that the bottom of the laptops gets hot, so some manufacturers have found it a liability in calling it a laptop and thus have changed the name to a notebook.

So whether you call it a laptop or a notebook, they are the same thing. They are the smaller computers that are all in one. They are not separated into different pieces. They are lightweight. They also come in many different sizes. There are tons of different types available now from different manufacturers. In fact it used to be that the laptop computer was not fast enough to keep up with the graphical needs of many games. However with the new styles, specs and systems coming out that is no longer the case.

The laptops come with Vista, the newest operating system. They also have good graphic cards. This is the key with enough RAM and hard drive space, and a decent CPU, you can do almost anything you want with a laptop. Of course, do not get the idea that the laptop will be able to keep up with the CPUs that are in the desktop computers. So if you are planning on high-end gaming, you will likely be looking at the desktop instead of the laptop.

The laptop computers are also more mobile. This is because they are lightweight and easily movable. Not only is the laptop mobile, but you can also connect to the Internet through any high-speed connection if you have a wireless card.

If you travel or work from different locations, man the laptop is the way to go. It is great to be able to go to McDonalds with your kids, and still be able to finish that report that is due on your boss's desk in the morning.

Desktop Computer

The desktop computer is the computer that comes with a monitor; tower, with all the components, mouse, keyboard, speakers, etc. These are the systems that are used in most businesses and homes.

These systems are not as mobile as the laptop computers. However, for a good LAN game session, it is well worth moving your awesomely set up desktop. The reason is that for high end games, graphics, and sound. You cannot get better than the desktop systems.

You can run about any software on the newer systems. The hard drives are bigger; the motherboards come in several options now. More RAM is available than ever before. Finally the graphics and CPUs run in a way that you can actually think you are in the system itself.

With some of the game available now, like the new Vanguard and Matrix, you will need the better graphics card, RAM and CPU to enjoy the full beauty.

As far as cost, either for the laptop or the desktop you are still looking at around $1000-$2000 for a good system. This really is not that much when you consider the hours of use you would get form the systems.

Keep in mind that whatever system you end up getting, upgrading for a computer is normal maintenance. A computer is considered obsolete after one to two years. The other thing is that when there is new technology on the rise, the system you get will need to be able to blend with that new technology, or you will be starting from scratch.

Desktop versus laptop what is the difference? To tell you the truth, I have both. There are reasons for each of these needed systems. And if you want the full use of a computer, you will likely find that both of these have great benefits. The biggest difference is versatility, and in some cases cost.

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