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Do I get a lower quality of phone call from a VoIP than regular phone service?

The qualities of VoIP phone call services are now as high quality or higher than that of the traditional phones. However, this was not always the case.

When the original idea of a VoIP service phone calls came about, there were a couple issues that made the service more difficult and inconvenient to have.

  • The service only worked if you had your computer turned on, and you had the program to initiate the calls running.
  • The other person you were talking to had to have the same service, and program that you had.
  • Sound quality was less than perfect, due to transformation of the sound into data and the travel time of the packets.
Those limitations however are now no longer applicable. If you have a unlimited use of an internet account, you can have an unlimited to making and receiving phone calls.

These calls can also be made to anyone in the world, even if they do not have a VoIP connection themselves.

Here is a list of some VoIP hybrids that you can look into in order to see what options they offer for a VoIP service.

  • Vonage
  • Sun Rocket
  • JOI phone
  • Mondo Talk
  • Via Talk
  • Cordia
  • VoIP your life

These companies take the conventional method of VoIP and add the Cisco 186 box or something similar and then gives you a phone number that anyone can contact you through. This process provides the link of communication between computers and phones.

These processes take the VoIP phone and make it function that identical to a traditional phone. The phone calls through VoIP are as crisp and clear as the traditional phone services also.

The main difference from the VoIP systems and the traditional phone services is that they have more options available for a much less price.

To top all the benefits off, it is a service that is easy to install and use. There are no changes in the way you make your calls. The product is very simple to install. Plug a regular phone into the phone plug, a network cable into the network plug, and a power cable into the power plug. That is so simple!

Receiving calls is also identical. You can even hook up a caller ID box just like that which you would do with the traditional phone lines.

There are no delays in voice transmittal, there is no annoying echoes, no line noise, dropping calls, or sound issues what so ever. This is as long as you have designated enough bandwidth.

Even though the VoIP products work with dial up or wireless connections, it is recommended that you use a high-speed Internet connection for the highest quality. Those like broadband or cable are the preferred routes.

The only thing that appears to be a possible issue, if you can call it that, is that once in awhile the connection box has to be unplugged and plugged back in. However, this was something that from my own experience happened twice in a year's time.

With the excitement and ease of this new technology, there really is no reason not to give a swing. The benefits are many and the set up is simple and almost effortless. Overall, the money that can be saved is a fantastic reason to try out the service. Then you can see for yourself that there is no lose in the quality of your phone calls.

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