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How to send video files over your in office network

Sending video files over your in office network can be quick and simple.The files can be sent in a variety of ways.The best method for you probably depends on what kind of operating system you're using and how your computer is networked. Your alternatives are: sending files via the network neighborhood or sending files using ftp software.

Here's what to do to send files over the network neighborhood.You can use this method if you have a Windows NT or Windows 2000 operating system

1. Press the Start button.Select Find.Select Computer.
2. In the space for computer name type the name of the office network.Select Find Now.
3. Double-click on the computer icon when it appears in the lower window.You will see a folder named slide imaging. Drag and drop your file into that folder.If you have the Windows 95 or 98 operating system, use steps 1 through 3.
4. In the space for computer name type the name of the program you want to send.Select find now; double-click the computer icon; then double-click on the D folder. You should see a slide imaging folder; drag and drop your file into this folder.
5. It should now be available to your network.

You should make sure the workgroup name is the same on both PCs. On PC1 right click on the folder you want to share files from and go to sharing. Set the appropriate settings.Do the same thing on PC2. Reboot both machines and you're done.If this doesn't work then try setting static IPs on both machines.This may resolve a lot of problems.

Of course, this may be more difficult than your other options.

Instead of sending video files over the in office network, you could send it by email to all of your co-workers.Then you will not be clogging the in office network with huge downloads.And then your co-workers can watch the video from home or from work.

Another option is to send it to your employees' iPods. Nowadays businesses are starting to use iPods in the workplace.They are being used to deliver training and education materials.Typically a business produces 15 to 30 minute clips for employees to watch and listen to different types of training.The idea is that iPods don't have to be used just for entertainment purposes; they can also be used for learning and mobile education.So instead of sending your video file over the network, you could try the iPod approach.

Or you could try a Podcast.Podcasting is a technology that allows organizations and individuals to send multimedia content to an audience on a regular basis with little or no effort on the part of the user. The user simply subscribes to a particular Podcast feed and then the content is downloaded to the user's computer or iPod when a new Podcast episode/program is available. This Podcast can then be played in a computer media player of the user's choice, such as iTunes or an iPod.If you choose to do a Podcast, you will also avoid clogging the network.Plus, as with an iPod, your employees will be able to watch the video at any time or place.This is especially beneficial if your video is more for entertainment purposes than for educational or work-related purposes: your employees won't have to waste time watching a video when they could be working.Instead, they could watch the video later, after work, or during their lunch hour.

There are many options available to your for sharing your video with your office network.You simply have to choose the one that's best for you and your employees.

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