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How to use, and when you need Smart phones

Many business owners wonder if smart phones would be a good investment for them.They wonder if they are enough or too much for their needs.And further more, they wonder if they will be outsmarted by a smart phone!

If you have been wondering if a smart phone is a good idea for you, here are a few questions to ask yourself.Do you have a phone and a PDA attached to your belt?Do you carry a day planner?Do you have a laptop with you all the time?

If you answered yes to more than one of these questions then a smart phone is for you.A smart phone includes all of these things and more.A smart phone can come equipped with a cellular phone, a calendar and planner, and many or all of the programs your laptop offers.

One of the features that sets apart a smart phone is their internet capability.All makes and models will be different, some have full internet capabilities and others only have limited access, like email only.

Most smart phones are touch screen, although that is not always the case.They usually have a stylus for easy navigation, especially for men with big hands.If they are not a touch screen they usually have a joy stick or navigation keys.

Another feature that can be found with some smart phones is the ability to upgrade and install software.So if you need to have something outside the basics you can install your software and have everything you need with you always.

A smart phone also has a full keyboard, so if you need to type up documents or send your teenager a text message you can do it with ease.Some keyboards are part of the touch screen and work with the stylus, others have more buttons than a typical cell phone.

Many users have said their smart phones are a lot to handle at first, but a few days and they had it under control.So if you are thinking that a smart phone is too smart for you, you may want to give it a chance.They may be just what you were looking for.

A smart phone will not replace all of your office equipment, but they can make your belt a little lighter.They are a great way to keep in touch with your office from a business trip or during a seminar.Smart phones can be linked to your computer, so you can work away from the office.

So who in your office needs to get a smart phone?It is a good idea that all of the top management has it, so maybe that is just you or a handful of people.Another person that would benefit from a smart phone would be your head secretary.They could take their phone and plug it in to their computer and work from home.This would be great for days with sick kids and things such as maternity leave.

With your new smart phone make sure you have a good warranty.They can be rather pricey and you don't want to drop it your first day and be out of a phone.Purchasing insurance for yourphone can cover you if you are really hard on your phone.

Check with your cellular phone service to see what smart phones they offer.They might just have what you are looking for.See if you are ready to upgrade to the latest in smart technology.

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