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How your business can use podcasts

As with all new technology podcasting is now being used in the business world for a variety of reasons. Regardless if the company is big or small they have started to look into the benefits of using podcasting in marketing their products or services that their companies offer. While not everybody understands how podcasting work it is actually quite simple, podcasting is a downloadable audio file that can be continually updated through a subscription to an RSS feed, which tells the subscribers when new material is updated.

As it stands now many companies use emails, blogs, and other marketing tools to help promote their company, but those tools are not always successful. Think about this scenario and see if it applies to your company. You have sent out millions of newsletters to help promote a new product that your company has developed but you have not very many of those products yet, something must be wrong with the product, right? Actually that isn't what is wrong what is probably going on is that with the sensitivity of the junk mail filters it is quite possible that your emails are not getting through to potential customers or your customers don't want to take the time to read through the emails. But the good news is there is a solution to this problem and it is called podcasting.

It seems like everybody has no time to sit back and enjoy life, they are constantly in a rush so they don't want to put forth any effort in reading emails from companies that are trying to promote products they want to be able to continue with what they were doing. This is where podcasting comes in handy. By having an audio file that can be downloaded onto a computer, cell phone, MP3 player, or other devices that can play audio files people are able to play the ads in the background while they continue with what they were doing. Think about how popular radio advertising is, many people listen to the radio as they are driving, cleaning house, etc. The radio unlike television allows them to multitask so they feel like they have gotten stuff accomplished; podcasting is similar to radio advertising.

If your business is going to use podcasting to communicate with your customers there are some things they should keep in mind. When creating a podcast for your business make sure that it is a quality podcast, which means that is full of useful information, not a bunch of ramblings. You are also going to want to keep it creative, there are millions of podcasts out there and you are going to have to make your company's podcast stand out so that users will listen to it. Also when you are publishing your podcast be sure to include it in a variety of podcast directories so that your company has the maximum amount of exposure for the podcast.

Here are the top six reasons that your business should use podcasting.
- Increase your marketing reach and online invisibility
- Improve your sales and conversion rates
- Regular line of communication with subscribed listeners
- Value added content increases loyalty
- Industry news and trends sets you apart from the competition
- Interviews with leaders in your particular niche will establish your business as a respected leader in your industry

Just remember that whatever you decide before you begin creating and making podcasts you are going to want to look at your marketing plan to be sure that podcasting will fit with your current plan. If it does not it might be time to reevaluate your marketing plan to include the latest technology.

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