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Learning to use Vista

When you hear the name Microsoft you probably automatically think of the Windows operating system. Microsoft is a giant corporation that is constantly advancing technology in the computer world. But if you pay close enough attention you will find out that Microsoft actually has a schedule that they use when they release new software or operating systems. Microsoft is a leader of the computer industry and you usually find their products on systems throughout the world. Windows Vista is the newest technology from Microsoft and if you know a little bit about the features that are unique to Windows Vista you will be able to take advantage of the technology that Microsoft has introduced. But like with all new technology you need to learn how to use it before you can take advantage of it.

Here are some places that you can go to learn to use Vista.

Number one:
One of the best places that you can go to learn how to use Vista is to a computer class at your local adult school or community center. Many of these places offer low or no cost computer classes that are designed to teach you the basics about the computer and the best part is that whenever a new operating system is introduced they update their classes so you can learn about the newest operating software.

Number two:
Another great place that you can go to learn how to use Windows Vista is the Microsoft website. The website is going to offer you numerous tips about the new operating system, short cuts you can take, ways to solve problems and a tutorial on how to use the basics of the system. You can also find advance user tips on the website or you can look for those on other websites.

Number three:
The library is another place you can go to learn how to use Windows Vista. Many libraries will offer tutorials on how to use the newest technology, similar to adult schools and community centers. But most of the time you are just going to be checking out a book or using the computer to help teach you about the newest technology. One of the best book series that teaches you about new technology is the "For Dummies" books. These books cover the widest range of topics and are written in words that most everybody can understand, not to mention they have plenty of illustrations as well.

Number four:
One of the most obvious places that you can go to learn how to use Windows Vista is the program itself. Most of the Microsoft operating systems and many of their applications come with a tutorial that you can take to learn about the new system. Basically the tutorial is a tour of the basic features of the program. If you want to learn even more about the operating system you can use the help features that come with the program. The help feature will allow you to ask questions or explore the index to find things that you are looking for.

Number five:
You can also find numerous classes or websites online that allow you to ask certain questions of your fellow members about how to use Windows Vista; these are usually in the form of forums or message boards where you can post your questions or read the questions of others to see how it can help you.

Number six:
You can also hire a professional or a tutor to help teach you the program. You can talk to people at your local computer supply stores to see if they can offer you any assistance in learning Vista. Sometimes they can give you even more ideas about where you can go to learn the newest programs.

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