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New phones, how many "extras" are too much?

New phones, how many "extras" are too much? Face it with the 5-mega pixel cams, NetFront browser, tri-band HSDPA, Quad-band GSM and all that other jazz. When does it just seem like too much?

Really this depends on personal preference. I know that many are perfectly happy with the standard camera phone, with a phone book, and speed dial. That is awesome for the interests and use of phone for them. However, there are those of us that want the 3G data, high-end mega pixels at least 3, 8 GB of onboard storage and well, anything else we can get our hands on.

So when is too many extras too much, again this depends on the use you will have for your phone. With the abilities of the smart phones and hand held computers, the sky is the limit on what your abilities will be when being in the office or at home is not possible.

So many companies are now reverting to these types of tools to increase productivity and growth. People love the freedom of taking great pictures, playing games, listening to music, watching videos and checking emails and much more, all with a small tool that sits in your hand. So why lug around the bulky laptop, when you have it all in 1-2 pounds?

More and more Americans are using cell phones for much more than simply making phone calls. This is because the phones that are available offer so much. Why carry a cell phone and headset, or a cell phone and camera? There are both of these options available in a cell phone combo. The ideas stand firm with everything that we use for travel, or convenience on the move.

The manufacturers of these phones like Motorola, Samsung, Sony, and Nokia have taken a great effort to create the cell phones that we all want and need. There are also the manufacturers of the accessories that add to the usability and enjoyment of a cell phone. Those companies are like Keyspan, Plantronics, Belkin and the likes of those.

However there are some accessories and extras that can make in nearly impossible to use the phone functions as necessary. These accessories would be like car holsters and others like this.

With all the extras on the phones themselves, the biggest complaint has been the batteries. The batteries with all of these new toys do not seem to last as long as they need to.

The extras that are involved require that the batteries be charged at night with the phones off now in order to get a full charger. This is the main thing that most of the instruction manuals neglect to inform their carriers of.

For the most part there really is not too much when you consider the use of the cell phone, and the way it fits a persons needs. However, when you have problems with the batteries and accessories, it can appear to be a problem with the extras.

With this in mind, it is suggested that the phones be used for the needs that a person has specifically. If you are not into the hand held computer phones, and only want to take pictures and talk, stick with the camera phone. If you want to play games, listen to music and check your email, go for the full boat. It is all up to preference.

New phones, how many "extras" are too much? Well that really depends on the person using the phone. Keep in mind that for some technical users, it is still not enough.

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