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Other uses for iPod other than music downloads

There are so many new gadgets out these days that can be used for more than one thing. For example one gadget that is quite popular is the iPod. The iPod is used for a lot more than just to download music. If you have an iPod and want to know more about the other things you can use your iPod for. Here are some other uses for iPod other than music downloads.

The first use for an iPod other than music downloads is for movie downloads. Depending on what model of iPod you get will depend on the capabilities it has. Some of the bigger iPods have enough storage that you download movies so when you are on a road trip you can put your earphones in and watch one of your favorite movies.

The second use for an iPod other than music downloads is for school. For example a lot of Duke Students used their iPods to access course contents like lectures, historical speeches, and foreign language content that are found on their school server. Other students can use their iPods to record lectures or class discussions. While other students can use their iPods to take notes, interviews, and even audio data. IPods also help as a study tool. They can replay your vocabulary lists, along with audio books and other things that you might need for school.

The third use for an iPod other than music downloads is to store files or transfer files. With your iPod you can take data that you need to save and download it to your iPod then when you get to your computer you can transfer it over. You just have to make sure that your iPod is compatible with the other software you are going to be transferring your information to.

The fourth use for an iPod other than music downloads is to use it as a camera. An iPod can support files that are converted from JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, PNG, and PSD. You can also download them to iPhoto and Windows Adobe Photoshop Elements/Album.

The fifth use for an iPod other than music downloads is that you can download TV shows or new broadcasts or any other thing that you can see on TV and put it on your iPod.

The sixth use for an iPod other than music downloads is to use it as a day planner. IPods come equipped with a calendar, an alarm, contact list, and a place where you can stick notes. It is has a microphone so you can record whatever you need to.

IPods get more and more popular all the time. IPods have so many different uses other than music downloads. Depending on what functions you are looking for will depend on how big of an iPod you want. IPods have so many uses other than music downloads. If you are looking at buying an iPod you will want to make sure that you see what attachments come with the iPod. If you know some of the features that you are looking for make sure to do some research and read different reviews to see what iPod is going to be best for your money. If there is an iPod that you are looking at and there is another one that looks exactly like it but is more expensive you will want to see if the one that is more expensive comes with different attachments. Some of the different options that IPods come with are only accessible if you buy the extra attachments. Find out what other uses for iPods other than music download is right for you.

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