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Podcasting, a fun new way to communicate

With how fast our technology is advancing it seems like every time you turn around there is a new way for teens and young adults to communicate with each other. It always seems like each new communication device is geared towards teens and young adults, but not long afterwards businesses pick up on the method and turn it into a form of advertising. It seems like just yesterday that text messaging was the only method used by teenagers and young adults to communicate with each other, but now we have something called podcasting that allows you to communicate with your friends without having to waste minutes on your phone.

Podcasting is a new form of communication that is based on a downloadable audio file. What happens is someone makes and creates a podcast and then provides their friends with a link to the podcast so that they can download it. Podcasts can be downloaded onto anything that will play audio files and since most teens and young adults currently own computers, iPods, or MP3 players they can usually download their friend's podcast. A great thing about podcasts is you can do an entire series of the, such as a new podcast every hour, every day or how ever often you wish to post your podcasts.

While most podcasts are usually video or audio files you can get podcasts that are images, text, PDF or any other file type, so you are not limited to what you can create. Once you have created your podcast with podcast software (which can be found for free online) you will need to locate a podcast directory where you can list your podcast for others to download. Keep in mind that this podcast directory is usually a public website that stores numerous podcasts, so your podcast can be listened to by numerous users. The good news is you can find websites that will allow you to mark your podcast as private so that other users can not gain access to the podcast.

Another great thing about podcasts is that they are so universal; anybody can make and create a podcast with a little technical knowledge (or borrow a tech savvy friend), a phone, and a computer. Podcasts are not just used to send messages to friends, they can also be found in educational settings, healthcare settings, tourist attractions, and in the marketing and advertising sector of the business world, as well as in other areas. The great thing about podcasts is that they can last from a few minutes to about an hour, which gives every user plenty of time to record the perfect message. As well as being flexible in the length of time podcasts can be found in a variety of formats such as lectures, talk shows, how to classes or any other kind of format that you find fun and exciting.

Many people use podcasting as a way to communicate with their friends because this method can be quite a bit cheaper than calling people long distance and it is easier than typing an email. All you have to do is create the podcast, send the link to your friend and they can download their message from their cell phone, palm pilot or any other source that is capable of playing audio or video files. In fact the number of teens and young adults who are now using podcasting to send fun and amusing messages to each other has increased in the last few years. Not only do people send their friends personal messages but they will also send them links to the funnier podcasts that they have found online, similar to forwarding a funny email.

So while podcasting can be a fun and exciting way to communicate just remember that you might want to take some precautions, you never know if your podcast will be made public.

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