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Ten technological gadgets besides a computer that every business should own

If you have a computer, you are aware of the ways technology can be used to make your life easier.This is especially true in business.The good news is that computers are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg when it comes to using technological gadgets in your business.Here are 10 other gadgets that you might incorporate into your workday.

Portable scanners-portable scanners are now made as small as ball point pens.These scanners work in the same way as desktop scanners work.This means that they can transform any image or document into its digital code.You can scan anything into your portable scanner and then, when you connect it to your PC, have a fully functioning (i.e., editable) file of what you scanned.This gadget is so high tech it is almost scary.

Business phones-whether you are waiting for the new iPhone or you are interested in the time tested BlackBerry, business phones are the wave of the future.These phones allow you do have conference calls and send and receive emails from almost anywhere.The newest phones, like the Wing by T-mobile and the iPhone has WiFi and enable you full internet access.

Vehicle Tracking devices-GPS technology now allows you to track each vehicle in your fleet.You can know where each vehicle is, where it is heading, and how quickly it is moving.This is great for logistics, tracking merchandise, and even for theft recovery.

CardScan business card scanner-this little device will let you scan your whole collection of business cards into a contact management program such as Access or FileMaker.You scan the card and the names, phone numbers, and addresses are recognized and placed in your PC's database.Slick!

Digital camera and video recorders-if you have ever had a need for a Polaroid camera in your business, whether to take pictures of new employees or to photograph evidence, a digital camera or video recorder is a step up.Instead of snapping the Polaroid, snap a digital picture instead.You will have full editing capabilities and the picture or video will be an electronic file that will not fade or change over time.Furthermore, you will be able to post the photographs or the videos on line with little more than a mouse click.

Digital surveillance equipment-consider upgrading your surveillance system to a digital system.Digital systems are inexpensive, the cameras are tiny and you can access the up to the minute pictures from your pc.

Electronic dictionary-an electronic dictionary might not seem like a high tech gadget but if you have ever had the dis-pleasure of trying to pen a memo when you are away from your computer you will see the necessity of this invention.Many of us rely so heavily on spell check and online dictionary and thesaurus services that it is difficult to write intelligibly with out a computer.This little gadget will help in the rare circumstances that you are transcribing or writing without the aid of your computer.

Palm pilots-palm pilots are about to go the way of the hula-hoop do to the emergence of the new smart phones.Still, the good old palm pilot is a cheap and effective way of making sure that you organize all of your meetings and make it to all of your appointments on time.

Web cams-web cams are cool gadgets when it comes to communication. If you are on a conference call and you can see the people you are talking to, that immediately improves your communication with them.Some webcams also come compatible with Skype and other PC video messaging, which make international communication a breeze.

Bluetooth headsets-Bluetooth headsets are wireless headsets for your wireless phones.You can clip on the head set and walk away from your phone, continuing your conversation without any interference.If you have employees who need to talk on the phone when driving, Bluetooth isn't just convenient technology, it is safe technology.

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