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The benefits of micros systems for restaurants

Micros systems have been around since 1977.In recent years, though, they have become increasingly used in restaurants. There are many benefits of micros systems for restaurants, which make them a great asset to any restaurant, no matter how big or small.

One of the key benefits to micros systems in restaurants is that they are fairly easy to learn and use.The micros systems are mostly touchscreen computers. Generally, touchscreen computers are more accessible, allowing users of every skill and knowledge level to use them. The touchscreen, because it is fairly simple to use, will probably require less employee training since it, in a way, walks the user through the various services offered by the system.

Their straightforward design allows workers in a restaurant to see and point at exactly what they want. For example, a server can easily place an order to be sent back to the kitchen. The server finds the ordered item on the computer and touches the screen. This will usually bring up another screen or menu, asking for specifics (like quantity or if some part or ingredient needs to be omitted or if extra is wanted). Not only does the touchscreen micros system make this easy, but it can also be done quickly.Just a few touches here and there and the order is sent.

One of the most important things in a restaurant is clear communication between the server, the kitchen, and, in some cases, the bar. Miscommunication not only frustrates all involved by slowing service, but it could lead to a bad reputation and less business.The great thing about micros systems is that the information is shared in a fast, uniform manner. Instead of ordering verbally or with paper orders (often with confusing abbreviations), the stream of communication is done in a clear, consistent way. Chances are, the order won't be lost or misunderstood as easily. As a result, a restaurant's employees, both in the kitchen and on the restaurant floor, will be able to serve customers better than before.

Another benefit to the micros systems for restaurants is that they help with a lot of the reports and figures associated with a restaurant. It categorizes items, calculates totals, and creates reports. This alone is worth the investment in that it saves restaurant managers time. Instead of going through paper receipts and analyzing numbers and totals, the micros system can quickly analyze any aspect of your sales totals.

For instance, if a restaurant were offering a special item that day, the manager would be able to use the micros system to see how many were sold throughout the day. The manager could also check which server sold the most of the special or when the special was ordered the most. The micros system makes such back-office calculations quite simple. The alternative is sorting through piles of receipts, checking them, and then keeping track of the various aspects of the sales. Also, micros systems can be useful in managing inventory, sales peaks, point of sale totals, and many other aspects of a restaurant.

There are micros systems specifically geared for the type and/or size of any restaurant. Each system is specifically geared for the demands of every type of restaurant, whether it is a single, family-owned restaurant or a large, hundred-site chain restaurant.

Whatever kind or size of your restaurant, the benefits of micros systems for restaurants outweigh any cons (possible cons could include cost and/or difficulty of implementing the system).They increase productivity, improve communication and service, and create helpful, accurate reports - all things restaurants strive and hope for.

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