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The latest in MP3 players

In the world of portable music technology the MP3 player is king.But with this popularity comes a huge array of choices for the consumer.Here is a breakdown on what exactly an MP3 player is and some reviews of the latest in MP3 players.

An MP3 player uses a popular audio encoding format, and the players are electronic devices that are capable of playing MP3 audio source materials (this includes music, spoken word, etc). The term MP3 player usually refers to a portable device that plays these types of encoded files.

There are different types of MP3 players.The top three types of players are:

1. MP3 Player with Hard Drive-This is the best MP3 player for you if you like having thousands of songs available at your fingertips.This choice gives you lots of flexibility in your listening if you have a player with a built-in hard drive. The hard drive in this type of MP3 player allows you to record and re-record thousands of songs, depending on the capacity of the drive (usually between 8GM and 80GB) and the quality of recording that you would prefer. The advantage to this type of MP3 player is the storage capacity.Using this type of MP3 player allows you to record music at higher quality and still have a large music library.The major drawback is that this type of MP3 player is heavier than flash storage MP3 players making it more prone to skipping when jarred.
2. MP3 Player with Flash Storage-This type of MP3 player does not use a hard drive to store music but instead uses flash drives. These players can be used to record and re-record audio content, usually between 256MG and 8GB. The major advantage to this type of MP3 player is that they are lighter and smaller than MP3 players with hard drives. And generally they do not skip when jarred. The major drawback of this type of player is that they have limited storage capabilities.
3. Car or Home MP3 Player-There are a number of ways to play MP3 recordings in your vehicle or home, but the most popular method is to have a jack in front of your cars in-dash music player that accepts a cord from your portable MP3 player or place your portable player in a docking station connected to your stereo receiver or home computer.

Here is a rundown of some of the latest and newest in MP3 technology.

- Apple iPod Touch-Apple continues to reign as king of the MP3 players with its newest incarnation the Touch. The good news is that the Apple iPod Touch has a large, video-worthy screen, a cutting-edge interface, and Wi-Fi Internet and music download capabilities. The downside is that the iPod Touch may cost too much for you, depending on your needs and it has a small capacity for a portable video player.
- Toshiba's new Gigabeat S series that was shown off by Bill Gates during his Windows Vista-centered keynote.Many experts predict that this player looks like a true contender as it incorporates Microsoft's super intuitive Portable Media Center software into an attractive 30GB ($300, blue or white) or 60GB ($400, black) portable MP3 player
- Philips HDD1850 this player hits the market with some noticeable improvements. The drive isn't the only thing that's bigger Philips has wisely increased the size of the color LCD as well. The screen, which displays photos and album art, is surprisingly big. Plus, if you want to speedily scroll through songs, all you need to do is hold your thumb at the top or the bottom of the strip for accelerated scrolling as there is no need to swipe over and over. The HDD1850 will be available for $199.

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