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Tips for securing your wireless network

In this day and age computing has given us enormous independence, and extreme mobility for our computer systems.Business and homeowners have quickly taken to wireless networking.Wireless networking allows every member of your family to access the internet for various projects with total freedom of movement because of the wireless LAN set up in your home.Wireless networking is easy to set up, and extremely convenient, thus the reason for its quick growth.It does come with a price though.Anyone passing by can easily scan the data coming into your network (with the right hacking software and a powerful antenna).Some definite precautions need to be taken for your wireless network.Here are some tips for securing your wireless network.

1. Control the broadcast area.Some broadcast areas will allow you to control signal direction, and lower the power signal.It's almost impossible to secure a signal so well that nothing leaks outside your home or business, but this will limit the leaks.Be sure when installing your wireless network, to place your access points as far away from the exterior walls as possible.
2. Turn off your SSID.Turning off your SSID will make your network a less likely target as it appears "invisible" to outside intruders.It's also wise to change the default SSID for your access points.
3. Secure your wireless router or access point.Almost all access points have an administrator password that's needed to log in and modify any settings.This is usually the manufacturer's name or a simple word.As soon as you set up your wireless network access point, change the default password to something you will remember.In most cases it will not be used very frequently so write the password down.
4. Validate and limit the number of users.Install a firewall that aids VPN connectivity and demands the user to log on.If there aren't too many users limit the greatest number of DHCP addresses in the network.By doing this you will be able to recognize unauthorized users.
5. Use Mac filtering for access control.Mac addresses are distinctive to their network adapters.By turning their filtering system you restrict access to your systems only.An intruder who really knows what they're doing can get through, but it will definitely provide a difficult obstacle to get through.
6. Turn on a WPA/ WEP Encryption.All wireless equipment uses some sort of encryption.There are several different types to choose from.Picking the strongest form of encryption will secure your wireless network.WPA is easier to use, and provides your wireless network with more protection and security.Wi-Fi protected access comes with Windows XP and most current wireless hardware and operating systems.
7. Don't "auto connect" to other Wi-Fi networks.Connecting to open networks (for example, your neighbor's router) exposes your computer to security risks.
8. Turn off your Network during periods of non-use.Closing/ shutting down your network will help prevent hackers from stealing your information.If you know you're not going to be using your Wi-Fi for an extended period of time shut it down.
9. Get an "expert".If you have information that is going to cost you millions of dollars if found, you need a "dedicated hardware security."These types of systems control activity and safeguard all traffic on your wireless network.It comes at a steep price though, starting at $10,000.

If you have a wireless network, you need to take precautions against intruders.Securing your wireless network is a definite must in today's society.You never know who wants or needs your information, and how far they are willing to go to get it.Use the tips in this article for securing your wireless network.

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