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Title: Best programs for designing business graphics and logos

Many companies have gone through at least one or two logo changes over the years. When a company is first established, they typically find a graphic designer or consulting firm who will help them find the correct image for their company.

Starting from scratch
Typically business logos and graphics are first created in a drawing program. Having the logo converted to a scalable vector image allows for an all-around logo that can be used in any graphic design software. Using a scalable EPS graphic is best for commercial printing and the best choice for importing into most layout programs. Those programs are wonderful for creating letterhead, business cards, and other documents. Any format of vector imaging is perfect for resizing or converting the logo to anything without losing the quality of the image. If you are designing a logo for the web, it will require a conversion to a GIF or JPG format. Adobe Photoshop is always recommended for creating business graphics and logos, there is even a tool that allows you to convert the logo or graphic to GIF or JPG for the web.

When beginning the design of a logo, the basis of business graphics and logos are simple geometric shapes. You will see a lot of logos with lines, circles, squares, and triangles. For designing logos, having a clean, simplistic logo is best. CorelDRAW is a great program for designing vector images. CorelDRAW doesn't have filters, fills, or complex manipulations. Looking for simple shapes has proven effective for many organizations such as; Nike, Addidas, Verizon Wireless, Microsoft's XBOX, and even Pepsi-cola.

Many logos use lines, they are a complex tool to use. If looking to use lines, keep in mind the following tips:
- Check different thicknesses in the line
- Look at using dots, dashes, or a combination of both
- Look at the patterns the lines make
- Make sure the logo isn't busy to your eyes
- Use lines to show movement
Some companies who have used the line strategy have kept that logo for many years, such as AT&T. Again, CorelDRAW is recommended software to use for designing these types of logos.

Types of Software
Depending upon how complex you want your business graphics and logo to be, there are numerous types of software to look at. Of course, it is always a good decision to have a graphic designer or consulting firm if you are a larger company. If you are a smaller business, it's a good idea to try out some free software downloads.
Business Cards MX 3.4 - This free program helps to design and print a professional business card. This program is very simple to use and no matter what skill level you are, you won't have any problems. There are even pre-loaded templates that you can choose from.

The Logo Creator - This software is fairly inexpensive and is professional quality. You can buy it for $29.95 up to $189.95. It includes a portfolio full of logo designs that you can modify and customize. The best part is, you don't need a graphic designer to use it! It can be done by an amateur who is new to the business logo and design world.

SmartDraw - This is a great program for creating business graphics. It comes with pre-drawn templates and automated design. Great program for importing your files into Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and WordPerfect. You can download it for free for a limited trial offer then decide to purchase it after that.

Adobe InDesign and Photoshop - This is one of the high end graphic designing software tools out there. It's on the more expensive end, but well worth it if you know how to use it or have a graphic designer who does. Known for being the new tool of choice for graphic designing, it is highly recommended.

Whatever program you decide to use, it's always a smart idea to show your work to a team of people and get some input!

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