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What are WAP phones? How can you use them?

These days, new technologies are a dime a dozen.Every few months or even weeks, someone has developed a new, bigger, better and much cooler phone, TV, iPod, computer, etc.It can be really hard to keep up with it all!Which brings us to a new technological advancement: WAP phones?But what are they?And how can you use them?Let's find out!

First, we'll begin by talking about what WAP means.WAP is an international standard for applications that use wireless communication.The basic point of WAP is to allow access to the internet from a mobile phone or PDA (personal digital assistant).A WAP browser is to provide all the basic services of a computer based web browser.However, it is simplified to operate within the parameters of a mobile phone.WAP is now the protocol used for most of the international world's mobile internet sites, known as WAP sites.WAP sites are websites written in, or converted to WML (wireless markup language) and accessed through the WAP browser.

With the introduction of WAP, service providers now have unlimited opportunities to offer interactive data services.They can now offer email through a mobile phone, tracking of stock market prices, sports statistics, news and headlines, music downloads and even more.So WAP phones are mobile phones that have the ability to access the internet and do things on it that you would on your laptop or desktop computer.

WAP is a popular type of mobile internet services.It's great if you want to keep up to day with your internet interests when you're away from the computer.Normally, you'd have to wait until you get home to browse the web.But not anymore!With a WAP phone you can get lots of information off the web.At present, most of these services are text-based, so they don't look too pretty.But more advanced phones have the ability to let you see images, making it feel as though you're on a mini computer rather than a phone.You should know that there is an additional cost to go online with WAP phones.The cost is usually added to your monthly bill.Prices vary from provider to provider.Some providers offer a certain number of minutes for a standard price per month.

Now, if you're wondering whether you have a WAP phone, first find out how old the model is.If you recently bought your phone it's probably all ready to go.But if you have an older phone, you may need to set WAP up.It's a good idea to set it up in case you want to use it in the future, or need sudden online access.

If you already have a phone that has WAP accessing the internet is simple.All you have to do is select the internet on your phone, and then type in what you want to search for.If you aren't familiar with usingWAP services, you should call and ask your service provider or check the manufacturer websites.Then you need to enable the SIM card.Most WAP phones already have an enabled SIM, but if you are transferring a SIM from an old phone then you'll have to enable it yourself.

Next, you have to set up an account to access WAP services with your provider.Contact your network operator or service provider to do this.The service provider will give you the information you need, usually by sending your phone a text message that will automatically install the settings you need.Once the settings have been downloaded into your phone, you'll be able to access WAP internet services and voila!You have a WAP phone!

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