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What companies are the major suppliers of VoIP?

The top major suppliers of VoIP are in a constant struggle to get your business. What are the major VoIP suppliers and what do they have to offer?

Here is a list of the companies that are currently the major suppliers of VoIP services. You can also see what they have to offer you for the best VoIP service to meet your communication needs.

Price is from- $14.95-$24.95
Plans and features- First month free, free calls to Europe, 50% overall savings on calling packages
Offers- Free month, great quality

Price is from- $9.95 to $22.95
Plans and features- $199 for two years, No equipment fees, Unlimited calls in US and Canada
Offers- Lowest annual rate, free equipment, money back guarantee, great for business needs

Price is from- $9.99 to $19.99
Plans and features- free month, free equipment, free toll free number
Offers- Unlimited international plans, free adapter, free first month free

Joi Phone
Price is from- $6.95
Plans and features- $6.95/monthly fee with any area code, LD international 911 and 411 calls, voice mail, caller ID, call waiting

Sun Rocket
Price is from- $9.95-$16.58
Plans and features- Unlimited calling in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico, all taxes and fees included, 30 day money back guarantee, free uniden phone
Offers- All inclusive plans

Blue Sky
Price is from- $19.95-$23.95
Plans and features- First month free, Savings of up to 70% off traditional phones, great international rates.
Offers- Great international rates

Packet 8
Prices from- $19.95-$39.95
Plans and features-Free activation, videophones, virtual office
Offers- free activation, high quality

Many of these companies offer similar products, service and options to meet your communication needs. Those services are customer-designed packages. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week support. Some of the best and most updated equipment and at many times this equipment is at no cost with the sign up of the service.

With the exponential growth that is expected to happen with the VoIP service providers, it is important to do your homework when choosing the right service for you. There are many options available. You can search the web, call the companies and ask the right questions.

Here are a few questions you can ask when you are calling and looking into your different VoIP options.

  1. Is there a contact for the sign up of the VoIP service with their company?
  2. What are the set up and start up costs that are involved if you sign up with their company?
  3. Are there any additional day-to-day costs that are not included in the plans available through their company?
  4. What faxing options are available with the equipment and service option packages they have to offer you?
  5. Will you need to worry about add-ons, additional equipment, or any other needs other than what the company will provide and what you already have?
  6. How will their system work with wireless, remote, or the broadband connection you have?
  7. Is there any kind of guarantee for their service, their equipment and the set up and the quality of calls you will be getting?
  8. If there is a need for an upgrade, are there any complications, penalties or problems that you should now be aware of?
  9. What process do they have to handle 911 emergency calls?
  10. What kind of stability does the company offer as far as their lifetime of the company?

Keeping this in mind, you are now equipped to research the major suppliers of the VoIP services and find out what will work best for your communication needs. There are many options available; finding the one for you does not need to be a hassle.

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