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What is a branded VoIP reseller?

Branded VoIP resellers are the companies that sale the service, equipment and support for specific VoIP products. These people have made the time and financial investment to resell the products and services for VoIP using their name, products, and pricing.

Internet telephony is a huge field that is growing all the time. This lucrative opportunity has caught the eye of many investors. That is why now you see so many more names out there instead of just Vonage and AT&T.

There is a significant investment required by these entrepreneurs. There are larger companies that let the little guys come in with not as much of an investment other than their own time and energy to build their own company. They do this by using the larger companies equipment and reselling it as their own. This is after they brand it and label it to fit their company.

As a reseller, these people will pay a discounted rate for equipment, and pay the standard calling rates, either resell or wholesale and some per minute fee. They then charge the amount to their customers that they see fit. This is usually regulated by the competition. Mostly due the fact that right now there are not any regulations from the FCC.

There are many sites on the Internet that a person can go to contact these larger sellers and look into opening their own business. There are risk factors involved, however in business there is always a risk involved.

The benefits of being a VoIP reseller is:

  • Minimum capital
  • Real time billing
  • High quality
  • Right service at the right price
  • Constant upgrades
  • Multiple business models
  • Flexible rating
  • Pre-paid and Post-paid services
  • Account management
  • Web based support services

The products and services that are usually offered through the VoIP resellers are:

  • Voice Interoperability
  • Call Shop Solutions
  • Hosted VoIP Solutions
  • IP PBX Support
  • Unified Messaging

The branded VoIP resellers are the alternative to the traditional PSTN services. The VoIP resellers can range in size from small companies to large companies. This branch of communication services is growing at a rapid pace due to the lower cost of a more secure and convenient technology for communications.

There are companies that are offering resell programs that vary with some offering full websites and others just offering access to their back office. In essence, the resellers buy wholesale VoIP airtime and resell it under their own brand name with own markups. In many cases, this is an easy way to enter the booming VoIP market. The responsibility of issues and repairs are through the reseller.

The packages include:

  • A Generic dialer
  • Web site
  • CDR page
  • Domain registration
  • Hosting space
  • E-commerce module integration
  • Unlimited agent accounts
  • Unlimited accounts (end user pins)
  • Customizable plans and tariffs

These packages are aggressively designed to help the new companies get off the ground. They are set up to meet the needs of the resellers. This way the resellers can make money and get the product out to the public.

The most basic of all packages are targeted to the retail stores. Those stores that will be selling the VoIP equipment and service, but not providing the support to the customers on an ongoing basis.

When looking into being a branded VoIP reseller, or going with the purchase of a reseller instead of a more established company, it is always a good idea to do your homework. Check out the equipment they will be offering. What support options are available? Whom are they affiliated with? What guarantee is offered? What are the installation and running period and issues?

There are many benefits to the branded reseller; there is money to be made and money to be saved. However, as with any new business there will be flaws at first.

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