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What is voice over Internet protocol or VoIP?

What is VoIP? That sounds almost like something you would say, "gesundheit" in response to the word. However, VoIP is voice over Internet Protocol.
Voice over Internet Protocol is the ability to talk and communicate information by using the Internet instead of the more conventional phone lines. There are many benefits to VoIP, which we will discuss.
As there has been talk, about many of the new technologies, I am sure VoIP or something to do with using the Internet or computer to talk has come up. However, the idea of VoIP is not that new. The original idea of Network Protocol was around in 1955.
Internet calls are referred to many ways:

IP Telephony
Internet Telephony
Broadband Telephony
Voice over broadband

What ever it is called, it is the routing of a voice conversation through the Internet, or by any IP based network.
VoIP service providers offer calling plans that will provide consumers with unlimited local, regional and long distance flat rates. These flat rates are at costs that are greatly cheaper than PSTN services.
In addition to this, VoIP service providers will include many of the features such as caller ID, call forwarding, call blocking, and voice mail as standard features. Traditional phone companies typically charge premiums for these features. These charges can range from $5.00 and up. What a monthly savings!
VoIP however did not make its real hit on the information train until the former Vice President Al Gore brought it about in the 1990s. This was part of his effort to increase the use of the Internet in all American homes.
Since the creation of the telephone in the 1800s, there have been some significant growths in how we communicate today. Anything from the voicemail, caller ID, long distance calling, toll free numbers and more.
Here are some of the standard features that make VoIP such a great option:

  • VoIP uses substantially your already existing bandwidth where the traditional telephone has to use a separate line.

  • The VoIP structure makes the need for extra cable unnecessary, thus creating a simplified infrastructure.

  • There is a great deal of flexibility where VoIP is involved. A VPN or virtual private network is given a certain amount of bandwidth on the public Internet. Therefore, anywhere there is a broadband connection you can combine it with VoIP.

  • There is a higher level of use with VoIP. VoIP acts as though voice is the same as any other type of data. This is great because in addition to talking, you can attach data, documents, and other hard copy information through the VoIP system.

  • The operating cost for VoIP is significantly less. This is due to the use of lines that are already used for the Internet in addition to not being Federally and State regulated and therefore you do not pay high taxes on the VoIP service.

The companies you will go through to get the VoIP to your home or business is called Providers. Here is a list of several providers you can look into, in order to have this service brought to you home.
Sun Rocket
JOI phone
Mondo Talk
Via Talk
VoIP your life

The benefits of VoIP would tend to create a want for a switch of traditional telephone systems to Internet communication. The biggest thing is getting the information a crossed.
The next horizon of VoIP and its technologies is just around the corner. It will only be a matter of time and the benefits of VoIP will out weight other communication sources by far.

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