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What is Vonage and how does it work?

Vonage is one of the largest VoIP or voice over Internet protocol services available for communicating worldwide.

With Vonage, you can make and receive phone calls over the Internet. This is instead of using the traditional phone lines.

You use broadband Internet connection that replaces the use of telephone lines. The Vonage service takes the analog voice or video and turns them into data packets that are then sent over your Internet connection.

Broadband is a high-speed connection much like cable or DSL Internet access that uses a modem for its connection. This broadband will provide the needed continuous connection to the Internet.

There is very little to no sound quality loss. Therefore, the other person on the other side of your call will never know the difference from VoIP, voice over Internet protocol and the average telephone system.

Probably the most beneficial areas of using VoIP and Vonage are that the cost is significantly less. You can call anywhere, and at any times, for less money. There is also no charge for many of the traditional services provided for your communication needs. The services are like, voice mail, caller ID, 3-way calling, and call waiting.

There are also fantastic international rates. Often times this rate is significantly less because there is no connection rate. Most of the time there is an allotted amount of minutes for international calls in the plans available.

The way that Vonage works is that it uses an exciting Internet connection. A Vonage phone adapter is used to connect and transfer the speech into data and then transfers that data over the Internet.

Here is what you will need to have Vonage phone service.

  • A Broadband Ethernet connection such as Cable or DSL
  • A billing and shipping address
  • A Vonage Phone Adapter that is provided free, upon sign up through Vonage
  • Any touch-tone phone, corded or cordless
Usually with the Vonage and other VoIP companies, you can maintain your same phone number. However, you can get another number if you request it. There is very little inconvenience if any with the transferring to a VoIP product.

You use Vonage or any other VoIP service the same as the traditional phone service. Pick up your telephone and dial. The person you are calling will not need to have Vonage or any other VoIP product.

In addition to the convenience of the phone service, and prices, the use of VoIP does not affect the upload and download of your Internet service what so ever.

Vonage works just fine with a wireless Internet connection as with a landline connection.

The prices for Vonage range around $15 per month to $25 per month.The international rates are around 6 cents and have not connection charge. They also have great rates for businesses. There are many times that international and long distance prices are included with a package deal.

The availability in different areas is taking a bit of time, however as with any new service it is growing. If you go to, you can check the availability in your area. If the service is not available in your area yet, you can check every month, as the service is actively growing.

Another great benefit to Vonage and business is that even if you run your business in Colorado and the majority of the business you get is in North Carolina you can have a phone number with the North Carolina area code, so that your customer will not have to pay a long distance fee.

Vonage also offers many products that make using the VoIP service convenient and easy. You can check out these products online through their web page.

What ever VoIP service you end up using, remember that all new technologies have their hiccups, and Vonage has been around awhile, so most of the hiccups are worked out. However, being with the newest technologies can take a little patience.

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