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What technology can I do without?

Technology is always advancing.It's amazing all the devices and programs that are out there.Do we really need all of it though?You can probably think of a few technological advancements that were not necessary.It is all subjective.It depends on who you ask.Let's go through some technology that most people use to see if they are necessary or not.But remember, it's all on what you value, how you look at it, and how you define "living without" these things.

TV - You can definitely live without television.Do you really need to sit around all day watching programs about other people?How does that affect you?How do their lives influence yours?Is it doing you any good to sit and watch it?You could be doing so many more productive things instead.If you feel like you are addicted to the tv, try going without it for a week.You'll be surprised how much time you were spent watching tv.

Computers - Computers are very helpful in communication and accessing information.Computers also save up a lot of time when it comes to typing up documents.Typewriters can do this too though.Typewriters are less expensive than computers, and can still type documents.Yes, they can not make documents as professional and include graphics, but it's all about necessity...are those things really necessary or can you live without them?

E-mail - E-mail is something that almost everyone is using these days.Yes it is fast and very accessible, but we could just send mail through ground mail.Plus it is much more exciting to get mail from your mail box than open up your email and read mail.

Cell phones - Cell phones are very handy to have.Almost no matter where you are, people can get a hold of you.Everywhere you go, you can see that almost everyone has a cell phone.Are cell phones really necessary?What about just using your regular home phone?If everyone stopped using cell phones, there would be less interruptions in meetings and more common courtisy.

Hand helds - There are many different kinds of hand held devices out there.These devices are great.You can store pictures, write to-do lists, check Internet, and keep a schedule.Are they necessary though?What about a planner made out of paper and what about just using a pen?These materials worked just fine before hand helds came out.

Video Games - We could all do without video games.Kids are getting addicted to the tv and a paddle.Kids on average are less healthy.What happened to the days where kids would run outside and play when they got home from school?Violence is also increasing.Kids that play violent video games think it is okay and they get desensitized to seeing and using weapons.

GPS - GPS stands for global positioning system.Navigation systems (GPS) area available to get in cars.They will give you directions and help you find addresses.They are very helpful and they can save you a lot of time, but we did just fine without them a decade ago.People still found addresses and figured out where they were going.Plus, they can cost up to a couple thousand dollars to get one installed.You can get hand held systems for around five hundred, but it's still extra money for something you don't really need.

Remember when deciding which technology you can live without, it is up to you.Of course we can live without any of these.We are not going to die just because the Internet crashes and never works again.But technology sure does make our lives a lot easier and more enjoyable.So you pick which technology you can live without!

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