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Why are long distance calls on VoIP so cheep?

What makes it possible for long distance and International calls with VoIP to be so cheep or free? That is a great question. There is an equally as great answer.
VoIP uses the voice over Internet protocol technology. This is the process of taking the voice or video you send, transferring that information to data, taking that data and compressing it, then sending that compressed data to another computer for decompressing and turning back into sound. All of this in so short of an amount of time that it is real time communication with little to no pause or interruption.

How then can this be less expensive and include long distance calls for free, and international calls for really cheap, you may ask. Well there is a good answer.
This is all because they use the existing Internet lines through a modem, DSL or Cable connection. Therefore, there is not connection fee, and using the Internet has no additional cost for regular long distance. There are also not Federal and State regulated taxes bringing up the costs of these calls.
With the technology of Internet technology improving it is virtually impossible to tell the difference between an Internet phone call and the traditional phone system call.
The improvements of bandwidth and VoIP are ever growing and improving. The companies that are providing VoIP or voice over Internet protocol telephony are commonly referred to as providers.
These providers use protocols to carry the voice signals over the Internet. Since with an Internet connection the pathway for data is already available, communication through the phone is using the same tools. Some of the cost savings are due to utilizing a single network. You may ask if this process will slow down your regular Internet downloads and uploads. The answer is no. There is a designated line for the voice and video data specifically.
This single network is used to carry voice and data through the existing network at no additional cost. For long distance and international calls, it really is a great product and way to communicate because there is no connection fee. In addition, if you are using the computer-to-computer method of VoIP you use software to connect to the caller on the other line.
VoIP phone service is a good option for consumers who have a DSL or Broadband connection. If a person wants to minimize the cost of home or business phone, local, long distant or international calls, and want high quality service.
It is also a great way to get the most out of your high-speed Internet connection.
With the same, low monthly fee, you already pay you can get local calling and unlimited long distance in the USA, Canada and often Puerto Rico and other International Locations.
International rates are general very low with VoIP but they can vary significantly between service providers so international callers should shop around to find the VoIP Phone Service with the best rates to the locations they call most.
Typically, the price that is offered by the premium providers is unlimited long distance calling for less than $25 per month.In addition, most VoIP Phone Service plans come with many features such as call forwarding, call waiting, caller ID and many more at no additional cost.
VoIP phone service can also be used for traveling. Therefore, you can make and receive calls from any connection in the world and keep the same local telephone number or you can get another number which ever you desire.
There are set up charges and other fees that may vary significantly so you will want to research and read each of the documentation given to you. Also, look for a plan with money back guarantee so you can try the service for a period and return it at no cost if you find it does not fit your budget and needs.

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