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Why you should switch to Vista

A whole new era of operating systems was heralded with the release of Windows Vista.While initially many users were skeptical and found the new system difficult to use many changes have been made that have improved Vista dramatically.There are now several reasons why you should switch to Vista here are just a few:

1. The new interface-this may just be the most beautiful version of Windows you have ever seen.With its transparent animated windows that swoosh into place, subtle and elegant colors, a new Start menu, and plenty of other changes this program is simply a stunner.Many users who have envied Mac like applications compare Vista to that.

2. Windows Flip 3D-in using the previous versions of Windows switching between open windows using Alt-Tab was always a shot in the dark.It seemed as you never quite knew to which window you would switch, or even which ones were open. This has all changed in Windows Vista. You simply press Alt-Tab, and Windows Flip 3D springs into action, which then displays thumbnails of all your open windows in a gorgeous, 3D stack. You can then go ahead and flip through them until you find the one you want.
3. Live Thumbnails-if you run a lot of programs and visit a lot of Web sites simultaneously you will appreciate Live Thumbnails. To use this feature you simply hover your mouse over any window on the Taskbar, and a thumbnail of the window pops up, with the program and document name, or the Web site name, just above it. These thumbnails are truly "live," so if a video is playing in a window, you will see the video playing in the thumbnail too.
4. Boost Performance with ReadyBoost-Vista includes a quick way to enhance system performance with the power program add-on known as ReadyBoost.It preloads files and programs you often use into RAM so that they are there when you want them.Best of all you do not have to wait for them to load from the hard disk. You only have to buy an inexpensive USB flash drive and use up to 4GB of cheap RAM to boost your system performance.
5. Great Performance Tools-Vista has plenty of applets and utilities for that kind of person who likes to peek under the hood and tinker. The best of them all may be the Reliability and Performance Monitor. This performance tool keeps tabs on every aspect of your PC in exquisite detail, this includes the CPU, hard disk, network usage, and RAMS use, and it includes plenty of charts, reports, and logs to review as well. The Reliability Monitor module also charts the reliability of your PC over time and shows you every single problem or failure in a calendar format.
6. Better Security-Vista has improved security at every level.The firewall is especially noteworthy as it is now two-way, including inbound as well as outbound protection.Included in Vista are the Windows Defender which offers spyware protection, and Internet Explorer which has an anti-phishing filter to protect against Web scams. Numerous security holes have been plugged in Internet Explorer, and the browser now operates in what's called Protected Mode, which guards system files against external attacks. Windows Service Hardening also protects vital files and settings.
7. Faster Searches-if you often cannot remember where you have put an important file you will love the new search on Vista.Vista integrates a new search technology throughout the operating system.This begins on the Start menu, within Windows Explorer, and just about everywhere else you look. It uses an indexing method and is lightning fast, and it literally searches as you type. A powerful advanced search tool lets you narrow your search by date, file size, author, tags, and location. You can even save your searches for future reference.

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