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5 Tips For Writing Sales Letters That Sell

  • Be Focused: Know what you want the sales letter to achieve, stick to it and organise your thoughts and words to achieve just that. If you talk without an aim, you are sure not to miss your mark; Aim at Nothing, you Hit Nothing.
  • KISS: Keep It Short and Simple. Forget about all the ramblings. Say what you want to say in a short, straight forward and simple manner. Here is a little secret. When you talk too much, your audience most times have forgotten the beginning by the time you reach the end. While still being persuasive and convincing, talk straight and simple. An helpful way to getting this done is to talk one point per paragraph and write short and sharp sentences in your paragraph.

Remember, one paragraph with just three lines written in a short and powerful manner is better than one whole page which contains nothing more than ramblings.

  • Attention: Work on making your sales letter grab your reader's attention right from the start. If you miss it here, you loose the whole show. Combine your most powerful and irresistible benefit into a few words, one sentence opening to grab your reader's attention and draw him to read more. E.g. Dear Friend, Here Is A Chance To Increase Your Income By 400% Before The End of This Month. Of course, the man seeking to make more money will read more.
  • Arouse and Sustain Interest: Now that you've got the attention of your reader, you've got to get him interested. If not, he will only read the next sentence and dump your letter. So what do you do, arouse his interest and sustain it.

    This is where your writing and creative skills come in. Here are a few examples to arousing and sustaining interest.

    Have you read the book Acres of Diamond. Interest was aroused and sustained by telling a story. That is a trick you can use. Look at this:

    "When I started on the Internet, I had no money I could call my own. I was in debt and was running from my creditors. My whole life was in shambles and I thought it was the...."

    Did that get you?

    You could also arouse interest by stating a well known fact which brings up emotion. Here is an example.

    Dear Friend, Over, 100,000 copies of the book you are about to hold in your hands was sold last month and everyone that read it became millionaires before the month ended.

    Remember, once you arouse interest, sustain it by explanation, arguments and proofs. If you have testimonials, here is the time to use it and then go for the kill.

  • Persuasion/Inducement: Ask for the order. Give the reader a reason to buy. Make him buy. Here is where you should not forget the action stimulating words, give rewards for buying, add a bonus, give a discount etc.

A very helpful way to induce the reader to buy is to make the gains of buying so evident. At the bottom of every thing we purchase is personal gain and then we like to feel good about what we've just bought. Here is where you should hit real hard the reader will feel good he bought it and will be happy ever after.

(c) Oluwafisayo Akinlolu, 2004

I recommend you read Ken Varga's book How To Get Your Customers To Buy and Beg For More. and Shawn Casey's Mining Gold

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