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All about Business Management to-do lists

emptychairs30393444.jpgIt seems like everyone today has a to-do list yet somehow there never seems to be enough hours in the day to accomplish everything on the list.Business managers are not exempt from this problem.If you are a good manager you may find yourself spending a great deal of time making your list but find that it is really of little use to you.Refining the way you list tasks that must be accomplished during the day can go a long way toward achieving more objectives. Good managers make these lists and successful managers know how to use them.The first thing that is important to realize is that making a "things to do list" is not enough. You have to rank the items on your list and you have to know which tasks are more important so you can focus on them. Then as a final step you have to allocate resources to those items, measure your progress, and reward yourself for your successes. Here is a breakdown of what you need to know about Business Management to-do lists-

  • Use a ranking-The obvious first step is to list everything you have to do in whatever time management tool you use (even if this is just writing things down on paper). Then you must assign a rank to them so you can focus on the important items. For example: You can use an A, B, C ranking. "A" list items are the things you have to get done today, before you leave. "B" list are things you need to get done, but not necessarily today. "C" list are the things you need to find time to do soon.However it is important to keep in mind that without the other factors mentioned below you may find that you never get to the "B" and "C" list.
  • Use time management-It is not enough to only know what makes the "A" list but you also need to know how long things would take and how much time you will need to devote to them. It is recommended that you add a column to your to do list with the estimated time each task should take and an adjacent column with the cumulative total. This way you will realistically know how much time you will need in order to accomplish and actually make some progress as you work your way through your list.
  • Use reward as a motivation-Sometimes you may find that your to-do is just seems overwhelming and impossible to accomplish. It can be helpful to set a goal as to how much you want to finish in a particular day and give yourself a small reward.This way you can go home feeling like it has been a productive and successful day, instead of beating yourself up over the things you had not been able to get to.It is important to acknowledge your success at having met or beaten your goal.Keep in mind that the next day, you will have to start all over again and reach for a new goal, but this way you can do it from the perspective of building on previous success rather than from the frustration of constantly having more to do than you have had time to accomplish.
  • Use a system-Remember that in order to be successful, you have to develop a system to manage your time so you can get more done in the time you have. The reality is that if your target line on your to do list is always near the top, your boss is going to start looking for someone else who can work a little farther down the list every day. You need to develop a system that will help you manage the issues that you face everyday in your work.
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