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How to Get Your Business Featured on Oprah

Chicago--In 1998 Robert Smith sent a letter to The Oprah Show on behalf of a client. A few days went by and then a few months and Robert never heard from the show. Then one day by accident Robert saw a show based on the volume of mail Oprah receives.

" It was crazy. She gets like 20,000 letters a week. I thought I was being smooth when I put my letter in a bright red envelope. Boy, was I wrong. There were hundreds of red envelopes," beams Smith, 30 year old president of Robert Smith and Associates PR in Rockton, IL.

Smith says, "If you've ever thought about reaching a worldwide audience and promoting your business on Oprah, now is the time."

You might be thinking why would Oprah talk to me since I'm not a famous celebrity or I haven't done anything important.

The Oprah Show has 48 producers who need a constant flow of guests. You can write to the show at Harpo Productions PO Box 909715 Chicago, IL 60690.

A much faster way to contact the show is to go to and about half way down her site is a link that says, Share Your Story/Be on the Show."

Click on this link and you will be taken to a dozen or so upcoming stories that they need guests for. Pick a story that interests you and fill out the form.

If they are interested in you a producer will call you and send you their FEDEX account number and request your press kit and book.

Here's a few of the stories she's working on....

- Decide Oprah's big adventure
- Who inspired you
- Do you have a weight loss story
- Oprah, please come to my small town
- What's your dream job for a day

If you don't have a relationship with TV producers this is the absolute best way to go. It's much easier to tie your into a topic they are covering then to try and pitch your business.

It seems as though every celebrity, Fortune 500 CEO, and athlete has a $5,000 a month publicist making sure that they are on The Oprah Show so going to gives small businesses and entrepreneurs a level playing field.

For more information visit

The same strategy applies to

### About Robert Smith

Robert Smith815-963-1497
Robert Smith is in tremendous as a PR consultant and speaker. His PR Hot Tips Newsletter is read by savvy entrepreneurs and CEOs in 10 countries. He's the hot-shot that over 70 authors have hired to promote their books.

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