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How to increase your team's commitment

In order to ensure peak performance in your office and within your office teams you need to increase your team's commitment by increasing team unity.You can increase team unity and commitment by creating a team that knows how to work together, set goals together, and progress together.
Increasing team commitment and unifying your team is absolutely necessary to ensure quality performance over both the short term and the long term.If a team isn't unified and fully committed, then the project will fall apart, particularly if it hits any snags.Teams that are fractured and splintered are unable to really join together when tests don't end up turning out as expected, and when new procedures have to be invented in order to meet that deadline in a two weeks, or a week, or a couple days.

Gallup has conducted a poll that indicates that the average number of people in different office teams that are actually passionate and involved in their work is only around 20%.That means that 80% of the people in your office and on your team need to be motivated and their energy and potential need to be harnessed.One of the best ways to motivate and to encourage this energy is through team unification.
Here are five areas for you to focus on as a team leader or office manager in order to improve team performance and commitment and encourage team unification.Doing so will up the performance level in your office and improve office wide performance.
1.Team leaders need to provide clear and understandable team goals.
If a team does not know what exactly the team's goals are, then it is impossible for your team to actually be working together towards the same goal.Clear team goals can help you understand and focus on the things that are most important for your company to achieve.
Spelling out goals clearly as a team leader means that your team members can align themselves towards reaching the same goals.If the objectives are obvious-this means specific and clear numerical goals rather than vague feel good ideas-then everyone knows what needs to be achieved and can work together to achieve it.
2.In order to improve your team's commitment, choose people who can work well with other people and identify their strengths.
One of the most important skills that any team member can have is the ability to recognize the strengths in other team members and encourage and use those different skills.Doing so ensures that everyone in the team is able to contribute their strongest skills.
If every team member is able to contribute what they are strongest at, then everyone will also feel better about their own performance and their ability to work well in the team.More confidence will lead to better performance.
3.Make sure that you hire people who have skills in the first place.
When you organize your team, look for people who have abilities already that you need within your team.It won't do too much good and won't help out your company's performance if the people within your team aren't already good at and passionate for what they are doing.
4.Encourage motivation, don't de-encourage motivation.
Most people within your team already are motivated to perform well.As the team leader or as the manager of the office, you don't need to do much to encourage that performance.
Make sure that you give people work that will exploit their natural talents.Treat people fairly.Give them equal salaries, good benefits, and a sense of trust within the office.This will improve commitment
5.Unify your team by letting the members have a life.
One of the best ways to make sure that your team performs poorly is by denying your team members any outside life.Encourage your team members to balance their work with their life.They will be happier and perform better at work.They will also be more unified as a team, and will be more committed to their team and to their projects.

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