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How to manage to get new customers and maintain existing

businesslunchen32174886.jpg Getting new customers and keeping the old ones can be a hard task.There are always companies who will offer great incentives to new customers that will end up stealing your customers.You have to make sure you treat your current customers with respect, keep your prices competitive, and give incentives to stay with you.

A lot of people will switch off companies every time their contract expires because they can get a little bit of a discount with another company.The discount can be really good, like offering internet for a lot less, or doesn't have to be so good, like getting $20 off of a phone.

In order to attract new customers make sure your company offers a competitive new rate for new customers.To get the most possible customers, you might want to offer something at a lower price than what your competitors are offering.Make sure you also advertise the product and the new price a lot.People won't know about the great price unless you tell them about it.Don't over do it, that just annoys people, but create an advertising campaign that includes a lot of different types of advertising.

Customers will also switch to a different company for a little discount just because of how they were treated as a customer.Make sure you are really treating them like a client and not just another person that pays them money.Get their opinions on how you can improve as a company, and show them respect.

To help keep your customers, give them a discount for being with them for a long time.When a customer stays with a company for a while, they begin to feel loyalty to it.They will want to stay with the company because of that bond.However, they will leave if it means a lot less money they have to pay.Give your existing customers incentives too.Give them a really great rate on a product, send them a coupon in the mail, or do something else.It doesn't have to be huge, but something that's enough to keep them from switching to another company.

Many companies will offer a special plan or price for something every once in a while.Cell phone companies will often create a new plan and have it available for a month or so.It is a way for existing customers to change their plans and get a better rate.Do something like that for your company.It will allow the existing customers to get something great like the new customers.

It may not seem that important to keep the old customers when you can just get new ones and they will eventually just come back to you, but it is actually really beneficial.Customers who have been with the company are loyal to you.They are also more willing to work with you if something goes wrong.They will be more willing to negotiate fairly.They usually won't make ridiculous requests.New customers can be great too.They boost sales and help to bring in more revenue.If you are getting a ton of new clients and losing a ton too, you won't end up having very good profits.Getting new customers and maintaining existing customers is very important.

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