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How to open closed minds through better management


As a manger you know that you have come across employees that are dead set on beliefs and the way that things should be done.When you are in a company that needs to change something, or when you have an employee that needs to change something,it can be hard to open the minds of the employees to make the change and see that the old way is not working anymore.You will have to use fun and exciting tactics, tactics that will show your employees that a new and better system will make them happier and make the business they are working for flourish.Let's talk about some of the tactics you can use to open the minds of those hard to reach employees.

Show your employees how they will benefit
.Maybe they will benefit with a pay raise, or more medical benefits.When people see that they are working for something they are more willing to give in to new ways.Or maybe you aren't changing anything at work, maybe you just have an employee that can't see what they are working for.In this case you can always be sure to compliment your employees on what a great job they are doing, let them know that they are important to the company and it would not run as smoothly without them.

Open their minds to possibilities
.Close minded employees do not work as well, or as hard. Your employees need to know that they are not stuck in a dead end job and that there is room for advancement.This will help them get motivated to try harder and work harder, and have an open mind about things.Let each one of your employees know that if they apply, they will all be considered for management positions when they open.If there are now positions available then you can offer the chance to apply for a raise.

Your employees can apply for raises by filling out self assessment applications telling you how they feel they are performing.Besides helping your employees realize the success they can have in the work place, help them realize the success they can have outside the work place as well.Encourage your employees to open their mind to learning and becoming educated, about work and other things.

Show your employees the benefits of doing things differently.
Maybe one of your employees has been working for the company forever and she is used to doing her job a certain way, and that is the way it should be done.Show her that the new way is maybe faster and easier on her body.She will benefit my getting things done faster so that she can move on to other tasks, and take on more roles in the work place. She will also benefit from not being so sore and tire all the time, and she will be more energized because she is not putting as much pressure on her body.When she realizes these benefits she will put aside her old ways and continue to do her job the new way.

Those are just a few suggestions on how to open your employee's minds to new things with good management.Sometimes it will depend on the type of employees you have and what you think is the best approach.Get advice from other managers that you work with maybe they will have some good advice on how to open closed minded employees.

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