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How to recruit talent as a business manager

It's important for business owners and business managers to know how to attract talent by bringing in the best employees in the industry without overpaying them and running your budget into the ground.

All employers want to find the very best possible employees that they possibly can.Finding great talent is key to success in your company.You want the people who are at the top of their field.You want people who know what's going on in the industry.You want people who can keep up with changes in the field, who can work well with others on your office team, and who are business savvy enough that they will be a financial benefit to your company.So how can you afford to attract these top notch employees without devoting all of your money to their salaries?

By following these easy steps, you can figure out how you can determine a competitive salary to attract the best talent possible, without breaking your business' bank.

How much to pay for clerical personnel and service personnel

When you are hiring someone for clerical work or for service work, ensure that you are paying them at least the minimum amount of money for their job level.

There are a number of publications that you can subscribe to online that can give you the going rate for people for this particular position in your industry in your state.

Look at the other people who occupy the same position within your company.Make sure that you are paying your new hires an amount that matches what the others started out at.

Don't advertise for the same amount that you are giving to your secretary who has been around for 25 years; however, ensure that you are adjusting your advertising salary for any rises in the cost of living.(It also might be time to raise your trusty secretary's salary.)

Determine what skills are necessary for the particular position.If an applicant arrives who requests a higher salary based on particular skills, then evaluate whether or not the skills are actually necessary for the position.

If you don't need someone who knows how to use an obscure computer program, don't offer to pay them more because a certain applicant happens to have that skill.

Striving for equity

You should think about equity when you are advertising salaries for potential employees.Look at how much you are paying other people within your department who are in similar positions, whether it is upper management or mid-level computer programmers.

You want to be able to attract new employees; however, you don't want to disgruntle your current employees.

It might be wise to contact and speak to a compensation analyst.

What to do with upper level employees

It is difficult to set up specific guidelines within your company to help you determine precise salary amounts for upper level positions.Once again, a compensation analyst can help you determine the proper amount for which you should advertise.

Also, you will want to consult different salary publications that can help you know how salaries are keeping up with the cost of living in your specific area.

Think back on your most recent hire in your department.How much was that employee offered?How has the cost of living risen during that period of time?

Consult other managers or even other employers in your field to see what similar positions are being paid within your company and what similar positions are being offered within your industry.

Identifying a particular salary range before you advertise a position can help you determine how you can weed out applicants who are demanding more than they deserve to be paid.

Don't necessarily disclose your range before you talk to applicants, though you do have to publish a particular salary amount.You will want to determine if an applicant is worth upping your salary range without letting them know how much you originally want to pay.

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