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Making your management style mesh well with your employee's learning styles

A manager is only as good as the people that he manages.Good mangers must find a way to become a leader who is liked and respected.This combination is actually very difficult to obtain successfully as few people enjoy being told what to do, or even really enjoy being at work for that matter.As the manager, you really have a challenge to face when it comes to making your management style mesh well with your employee's learning styles.

There are several different methods to really examining and finding successful ways to make your management style mesh well with your employee's learning styles.Most managers who are consciously working towards achieving this "mesh" will begin by first making a plan.An underlying plan is needed to help you as the manager stay focused on what the ultimate goal is.Remember that the whole reason why you are trying to make your management style more compatible with your employee's learning styles is to make for a more efficient working environment.Ultimately what you want is for your employees to be competent and to be able to communicate with them in a way that will keep them on track in a productive and non-offensive manner.When you have a general plan for what you are trying to achieve in place, you can begin working on smaller plans or goals that you can place a more immediate deadline on.You need a way to monitor progress or you will have no way of knowing if you are really making a difference or if you are wasting time running in circles.Take time to stop and to think about what effects the managerial techniques that you use are having on your employees.Consider the methods that you are using to approach and accomplish a task rather than whether or not a task was completed.

As a manager you will need to continue to plan but also remember that you are a member of a team rather than your own team that is responsible for overseeing your subordinate employees.Employees learn best in a setting that is free of intimidation and where they feel comfortable asking questions.Whatever their learning style, few if any employees respond well to being belittled, not taken seriously, or insulted.You may be their manager, but the sign of a great manager is one that realizes that he is only as strong as his weakest employee.Striving to teach through your management style in a way that will reach even your most difficult employee is a good place to start.When you ask your employees questions, be sure that you listen to their answers.A certain level of humility is also the sign not only of a great manager but also of a great teacher.You cannot be so set in your ways that you have a "my way or the highway" mentality.Your employees will resent you for your arrogance and your management style will quickly become frowned upon.

Continuously make adjustments to your plan and adapt to the changing needs of your employees.Being a successful manager involves a fair amount of emotional intelligence in addition to emotional intelligence, especially when it comes to teaching people and learning from people who may be entirely different.Emotional intelligence is very difficult to teach and therefore is one of the most valuable possessions of some of the most successful people in the world.Being emotionally intelligent means that you are able to observe reactions, accurately make conclusions, and act upon your findings about people and their emotions without giving the process much thought.

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