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Selecting someone for business management coaching

An effective coach defines the boundaries of the relationship with each employee. A professional coach develops an agreement with employees that is agreed upon and workable. These agreements can be different for each employee, just as long as it is agreed upon and workable. A good coach will develop strategies to promote the success of the organization and the success of the individual. One strategy is to set the situation up so the person asks for help, rather than forcing the help upon them.

The knowledge and effectiveness as a communicator will impact an employee's willingness to use a coach's input. A coach does not control the relationship or the actions and decisions of the person being coached. A coach should listen and provide feedback to help develop a plan of action to increase the employee's productivity. By practicing these actions it will also increase the capability of the coach to be an effective leader.

An employee seeks input and advice from a coach when they are uncertain about a particular work related issue. An effective coach should be knowledgeable about company procedures and policies. If the coach does not know the answer, they should be honest and tell the truth, but commit to finding out the solution and follow through. Sometimes employees seek reassurance and confirmation and may already know the answer to the question, but just need to be reassured. A good coach will enhance employee's capabilities and self esteem. A coach's role is to also strengthen employee competency.

A coach can provide options and recommends resources to help employees to solve and answer problems. Giving an opinion and answering questions to a certain point is part of effective coaching. A coach should help the employee find solutions to problems, not just give the employee the answer but explore possible solutions.

Coaching effectively should also include a coach's ability to hear what an individual is saying even when they are not verbally saying it; this is done by watching facial expressions, body language and movements. Listening to the tone of voice an employee is using and watching for any expressions of emotions. Open ended questions should be asked by the coach instead of questions that appear to seek out motives. Coaches should have the skills to listen to hear the specific need of the employee who seeks their assistance.

The coach is an educator, as well as a leader. An effective coach's goal is to make employee's more self sufficient and give them the tools they need to be successful in their business-related and interpersonal functions. A good coach should leave the employee feeling stronger, more knowledgeable and more capable of addressing issues in the future.

An effective coach should have the skill and ability to:
- motivate employees to perform job duties productively and efficiently.
- demonstrate leadership qualities. Provide direction towards accomplishing goals.
- communicate with employees. Take opportunities to improve on their communication skills.
-show the ability to manage their time wisely and showing employees how to manage their time effectively.
- identify weak areas that need improvement and developing methods to improve or those areas that need to be strengthened.
- know when they are over-stressed and need a break. Know that productivity is increased after a needed rest.

A good coach will work everyday to better themselves and their skills. They will take every opportunity and experience, whether it is good or bad, and learn from it. An effective coach will set an example for others to follow and will show employees respect and consideration. They will help create a positive work environment that will help to keep employees motivated.

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