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Tips for doing employee evaluations

Doing employee evaluations can be one of the most difficult parts of being a manager.It is really difficult to give praise and criticism in a professional manner while maintaining a good working relationship with your employees.The time for employee evaluations comes up at least once a year, and if you're prepared in advance and know how to handle saying what needs to be said, it will be much easier for you.A good evaluation can help you and you employees to better understand one another.Employee evaluations can be a wonderful tool to let your employees know what is expected of them, and also to listen to their concerns and questions.Honest and open feedback is a very admirable quality in the employer/employee relationship and a successful evaluation can be a great step towards gaining this type of communication.Here are some tips that can help you know how to make these experiences not only more comfortable but also extremely productive and helpful.

? The first thing to remember when going into your employee evaluations, is that criticism is not a bad thing.It's helpful for any employee to know what it is that they can improve in their performance.Many employers are worried about giving criticism.They worry that sharing ideas for improvement with their employees will create hard feelings, but when executed correctly, this shouldn't be a problem.A good thing to remember is that there is no such thing as a perfect employee.Even the best members of your team always have things that they can work on and improve, and by guiding them towards these needs, you will be helping them grow professionally which will help your business improve, and help them as well.Every hard working member of your team should be striving to improve in order to further their career goals.Giving honest criticism helps them to be able to do this.
? Remember that when delivering criticism, do not do it in a negative way.Begin every employee evaluation by stating the wonderful things that your employee brings to the company. Just as there is always something you can suggest for your employee to improve on, there is always something that they do well.Tell them these things so that they feel comfortable with you.Your employee will be much more likely to take to heart the improvements you have suggested if they feel that you truly value them and what they add to the company. In most cases, telling your employee that everything they do is useless is only going to make them do worse.A disappointing employee can be encouraged through what you share with them in your evaluation. It's discouraging to hear only bad things about yourself.If you have good things to say about your employee, and feel that you have a solid working relationship, you should tell them how much you appreciate them.Going into a review is stressful for an employee, and to hear only criticism can feel like a major slap in the face.
Finding a balance between praise and criticism is delicate, but when delivered appropriately, an employee evaluation is a very useful tool.Spend time before you meet with your employee to really reflect on their performance.Write down some notes, or simply make a mental plan over what you want to cover.Going into a review prepared shows respect to your employee.It shows that they are deserving of your time and attention and that you really thought about your decision.An employee review usually involves some sort of pay increase, which is part of what makes it so important to your staff.Remember this, and go into every appraisal with the respect that each member of your team deserves.

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