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Tips for training seminars

Usually when we hear of participating in training seminars or meetings, the first reaction is not always excitement. Training in any fashion can be boring and uninteresting if it=s not done correctly. If you are in charge of a meeting or a training seminar, here are some quick tips to make sure it=s successful.

Make sure people know the point of the seminar.

People attending should have an idea why the seminar is taking place and the effect it will have on them. It should benefit all who participate and should not be a waste of time.

Make sure to use people with experience.
Whether it is yourself, or someone else, it is necessary to choose someone with experience in training and speaking in front of others. Make sure they have good presentation skills. These people not only are more interesting to hear, but they understand how to pace the meeting and when to stop making a point. They speak as long as they need to get the points across, but do not drag on for lengthy periods of time.

Make it enjoyable!

People going to meetings expect to enjoy themselves. They expect to learn new ideas in a positive atmosphere and are looking to be entertained. Information that is presented at training seminars should be geared to the specific points. If a story or a joke is told, it must go along with the issue being discussed. Engage your audience! Look for reactions to your speaking and respond to them. Monitor their reactions; it's the only way you'll know how you're doing and what you should do or say next. If you don't interact with your audience, then you might as well send a video of your presentation.

Teach up-dated, current material.

The material needs to be current, not a review of old ideas. Make sure the person speaking has an outlined curriculum that everyone can view. The material must be presented in some kind of order so the participants can follow along. It should be well thought out and planned before hand. This keeps the seminar moving smoothly and keeps the attention of the listeners.

Keep it upbeat.

Training seminars should give the feeling that learning is not only pleasant, but the knowledge will help the individuals succeed. The person who conducts should be upbeat and able to communicate the benefits of the training to the participants in a positive way. When people feel they are learning something that will help them and in a positive environment, the learning comes quickly and easily!

There are also some important tips to follow before the seminar begins:

Make sure to test any equipment being used.

Be familiar with the programs you are using before you start. They may seem easy to run, but something can always go wrong during the actual presentation. Make sure you can run the equipment and that the equipment doesn=t run you.

Make sure you or the presenter does not over prepare.

Don=t rehearse the whole thing from start to finish multiple times. It is better to know what you will say at the beginning and the end and have some tips to present in the middle. Over preparing can lessen the fun atmosphere and personalization and instead cause it to feel like a script being read.

Be yourself.

Whether it is you presenting or a special speaker, it is important to be yourself. Don=t change the way you express yourself. Use any hand gestures or body language to your advantage. Put your energy into the presentation. Copying someone else=s presenting style will only make you look awkward.

In following these tips for training seminars your meeting should run smoothly and the participants will have a positive and fun experience. They will also gain the knowledge and information that will better help them in the future.

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