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Top 8 Ways to Make Your Business a Success

Do you remember that day when you decided that you would go into business for yourself The day that you decided that you want to control your own destiny. The day when you decided that your job is not what you expected in your life and wanted to do something about it.

If you are in business or thinking about going into it, you need to use some strategies so that your business goes in the right direction. Here are 8 unique strategies that you can use to make your business a success.

1. Write down your "WHY".

Why are you really in this business that you are in What made you start your business Why are you doing this Is it because that you want to be your own boss Is it because you wanted more freedom and time to spend with your family More money Is it because you wanted to control your own destiny What ever your WHY is, you need to know it so that it keeps you going when things are not going well for you.

2. Write down your goals.

Athletes, successful business-people, lawyers, doctors, and great achievers in all fields use goal setting. Statistics show people who write down their goals have over an 80% higher success rate of achieving them. Short-term goals are usually simpler and easier than long-term goals. Why Well, writing them can help you have more frequent victories, and building momentum with each one you complete. If you do that, you can have more excitement and more motivation as you reach those goals on time. When you do reach you short-term goals, don't forget to reward yourself and celebrate.

3. Expand your knowledge.

Expand your knowledge by taking courses, reading books, e-books, and attending learning events. Tele-classes are enjoyable, convenient, and fun for learning and discussing ideas with a group that have the same interest. Associating with people in your field instead of people who will tell you that you can't make it, will help you a lot in your drive to your goal.

4. Visualize what you want.

People who visualize things have a guiding vision in their head, heart, and soul. Visualization is the ability to create clear, detailed and accurate images in your mind, of events that you want to create as physical reality.

5. Replace negative self-talk.

Know that you are the creator of your thoughts and beliefs. Replace negative self-talk and change it to positive self-talk. You need to talk to yourself that you can succeed. Tell yourself that you are a winner and that you will make your business a success. People will try to brain wash you that your business may not work. You need to not listen to them and tell yourself everyday that you will succeed. Family and friends do that the best.

6. Make sure that you are persistent and consistent.

The lack of persistence and consistency is one of the major causes of failure. Many people are good "starters" but very poor "finishers" of everything they start. They tend to give up at the first sign of defeat. When you start a business of any kind, you need to stay in the game no matter what. So how do you stay in the game when things are down First, you need a definite purpose, which should be backed by a burning desire. You need to have a plan in place that is backed up by action. You also need to know your "WHY" that will keep you in the game, as explained in step 1.

7. Organize your planning

If you have a plan on how to make your business work, and your plan does not work well, then you need to try something else. I am not saying that you should try a different business, but a different plan. If that plan does not work, then you need to try something else. If this plan fails to work, then try another and so on, until you find a plan or an action that does work and brings you great results. The most successful people in all fields know that.

8.Take action.

Very important. When you take action, things are getting done. When you just think about an idea for a business and you don't take any action then nothing gets done. Ever. Visualizing, persistence, goals, and positive self talk, none of that is important unless you start to take action toward what you are striving for.

Written by Tal Fighel 2004
Copyright (c) Tal Fighel. 2004 Tal Fighel uses SFI to earn residual income from home on the Internet. What about you...

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