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Using a third party management company, pros and cons

Management is undoubtedly a very difficult position to be in.There are so many different styles to manage with and ways to discipline.It gets very difficult to know what to do.One of the big hot topics right now is whether or not using third party management is a good idea.Does it improve business, or hurt you chances at being in control of your team.Here are some pros and cons to using a third party management company.

Third party management is a way to separate yourselves from the tough decisions that need to be made.A great pro of this type of management is that you never have to play the bad guy.One of the things that most managers dread is that at one point or another they have to discipline the people they work with.This can make things really awkward around the office.With third party management, this allows you to have someone else make the tough decisions.It can be very helpful for employee/employer relationships.
Another pro of third party management, is that with this outside company taking care of management issues such as discipline, pay, and Human Resource issues, you will have more time to take care of all the other things you have to do for you business.It is very difficult to attempt to run a business and handle all management issues as well.With this extra help, you'll be able to spend your time planning future business moves, arranging your finances, marketing, etc.Third party management can help you to become more productive and expand your business in new ways.
From a legal standpoint, third party management companies can be a real lifesaver.It is a wonderful feeling never to have to worry about making incorrect decisions.As the owner and/or manager of your company, it can be difficult and stressful to worry about if the HR decisions you are making are legal and correct.If you put this part of your business into another company's hands, you never have to worry about the consequences of making the wrong call.You are not legally liable for HR decisions made.

One of the cons of third party management is the same as one of the pros.Just as it separates you from the tough decisions, it also separates you from all the good ones.You never have to be the bad guy, but you also can never be the good guy.Rewarding your employees with a raise or bonus for a job well done is very rewarding.It helps strengthen the employee/employer relationship.If you relinquish these powers to another company, you no longer have them, which can be difficult to give up.
Using third party management detaches you from the decisions made about your company.This outside company isn't in your office every day, and although sometimes an outside opinion can be helpful, most often you know your employees best, and it's difficult to be taken out of the important decisions.
Cost!It can be a really poor decision to pay a significant amount of money to a third party Management Company for a service that can most likely be done yourself, but in some circumstances, this cost can be worth it.Once you've weighed all the pros and cons of hiring a third party management company, if you have decided that the pros outweigh the cons, the last thing to decide is if those pros add enough worth to your company to justify hiring an outside company to handle your management.

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