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Using business process consulting, pros and cons

As many once struggling, now flourishing businesses will testify, sometimes business process consulting is just the thing for an ailing company. But even companies in relatively robust health hire business process consultants all the time, and it's not unusual for companies that lead the way in their field to do the same.
The general assessment seems to be: Business process consultants are a good thing. Business process consultants will save you money. Business process consultants will show you where your strategies are weak, and also where they're currently strong enough to be left alone so that the things that need more urgent care can get it. Business process consultants, as it were, will go over your company with a fine tooth comb and point out potential flaws and strengths. They'll help you in really difficult, complicated areas such as finance. They'll show you how your employee's time could be employed more effectively.

A business process consultant will work closely with management to see that they start managing better immediately. A business process consultant will show a manager how to save her strength for the major things while still addressing the minor ones. A business process consultant will show a manager how to actually manage, that is, work all the strings of the puppet at once so that each part is moving at its proper speed and performing its proper function. Many managers seem to think that if the puppet's arms and legs are moving in a frenzy, well, they're doing their job. Not so! cries the watchful business process consultant. Unless the arms and legs are moving with purpose, unless they're moving in such a way that they feel needed and effective rather than superfluous and wasteful, merely pulling the strings means nothing. It's how you pull the strings that counts.
These are just some of the purposes of business process consulting. Business process consulting would appear to be no-brainer for any company that wants to have more success now and lay the groundwork for continuing success in the future. There are some dissenting voices, however. In other words, even business process consulting is seen to have pros and cons. The pros of business process consulting are what we were trying to get at above. The pros of business process consulting include vital training for you and your team and a new pair of eyes (and sharp ones at that) that can be utilized to see problems and solutions where no one ever saw them before.
The cons of business process consulting, on the other hand, include the following: (1) Expense. Business process consulting, and especially excellent business process consulting, rarely comes cheap. (2) Usefulness. So, you've paid all this money for business process consulting but nothing seems to be happening that you haven't tried already for yourself. The business process consultant is teaching your employees things that you taught them long ago, things they already implement skillfully. In other words, one of the major potential cons of business process consulting is that you might be paying through the nose for a penny's worth of thoughts. (3) Time. Time, in business, is money. How many companies can really afford the time, much less the cash, that it takes to invest unreservedly in something as intrusive and unfamiliar as business process consulting? (4) This is perhaps a minor (potential) con, but it does matter to some people. Some people don't relish the idea of a total stranger looking at their business without its clothes on, as it were. They don't want an outside pair of eyes peering into the books, an unproven set of ears listening in on closed-door meetings.
Perhaps some of these potential cons are enough to keep you away from business process consulting altogether. Perhaps the potential pros of business process consulting, on the other hand, are enough to make you give it a try.

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